Zaca Mesa Vineyards and Winery the View from the Tasting Room

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Beautiful Zaca Mesa Winery and Vineyards in Santa Ynez is especially lovely in late summer. Zaca Mesa’s vineyards are ideal for Rhône Varietals. The soil, climate, and altitude of the Zaca Mesa vineyards are great not only for Syrah, but also for Roussanne, Viognier, Grenache, Mourvedre, Cinsault, and Grenache Blanc which were planted in the 1990s and 2000s. Learn more about Zaca Mesa:

Pinot Noir Wine: Fickle But Fabulous

What makes Pinot noir wine so fickle yet so fabulous? The answer is…

Corks and Corkscrews

Since the late 17th century wine has been stored in bottles and sealed with corks. This was an enormous technological advance as previously most wine was consumed quickly to prevent it from oxidizing or going bad. The cork keeps out most air allowing the wine to be stored without going bad quickly. In fact some wines improve with age and some of the most famous actually require some aging before they even taste good. However man has long had difficultly removing corks, and although the simply corkscrew can work amazingly well for someone who uses one often, there have been scores of patents issued for various cork removing devices since the 17th century.

How To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew

Everyone has had the issue of not being able to find a corkscrew in times of need. Here are some tried and trusted methods for opening bottles of wine.

Spice Up That Easter Dinner With Wine

For many Americans, Easter Sunday is a day of reflection with family and friends, gathering around the table, enjoying a special meal together. Wine is often part of the meal and a good wine pairing really enhances this occasion. Let’s look at some wine pairings for two popular Easter entree choices plus suggestions for brunch.

Beginning Beer Brewing: Options For Your First Brewing Kit

A quick rundown on beer brewing starter kits. There are all in one kits, starter kits made up of various components, and the new brewer could even build there own kit by combining various pieces of brewing equipment.

Brew Pot Considerations For Home Brewing

One of the most important components in the home brewing process is the brew pot. Most people have a large pot they can use for home brewing, but not all pots are created equal. There are some requirements necessary of any pot you use for brewing beer, and this article explains what they are.

‘Botrytis’ In Supermarkets?

When I first started my wine career in the early 80’s, we learnt about ‘botrytis’ which is basically a rot that can develop on grapes in certain micro climates. It dehydrates the grapes, sucking out the water but leaving the sugars behind which results in luscious and balanced dessert wine. The process is sometimes referred to as noble rot.

Tips For Drinking Excellent Wine Cheaply

There is an ocean of wine out there, and the quality is better than ever due to modern wine making practices and some even think global warming has an effect. Even areas that occasionally produced good wine due to marginal weather are often now doing a good job yearly. There are also so many upstart areas growing wine where none was produced decades ago helping to keep prices low. You can spend a lot on wine, as I often due, and drink potentially profound as well as world famous wines, but you can also drink very well quite inexpensively as I usually do. Here are some tips to help you way.

Winemaking: Malolactic Fermentation

So what makes Malolactic fermentation so important in the winemaking process? Most red wines and some whites go through a secondary fermentation, also known as Malolactic fermentation (MLF). Carried out by lactic-acid bacteria, it involves transforming malic acid into lactic acid. Malic is stronger than lactic, so this change softens the wine’s acidity.

Where to Buy En Primeur Wine

En primeur wine, also referred to as wine futures, are wines that may only be purchased before they’re bottled and released to the market. These wines are purchased without duty and VAT and are normally shipped 2-3 years after the vintage.

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