Zaca Mesa Vineyard Santa Ynez

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Zaca Mesa vineyards sit at elevations (between 1,300 and 1,600 feet), higher than most Santa Ynez Valley vineyards (350 to 900 feet). This significantly impacts climate. Above the fog line, the vines skip the typical summer fog in the lower valley. Mornings are more temperate, late afternoons are cooler and nights are colder. The higher elevation also gives more exposure to cooling afternoon winds. In the bottle, the result is great acidity, elegance and richness. Learn more about Zaca Mesa Winery and Vineyards:

The Advantages If You Buy Wine Online

You learn a lot of things when you buy wine online. For example, you can learn how to properly store the wine that you just purchased. The passion of investing in wine is growing more popular then ever with the passage of time.

Wooden Wine Racks Properly Preserve Your Valued Collection

For many collectors, their wine collections are a work of art, masterfully collected from wineries throughout the entire world where grapes grow best. It is with equal importance in the acquisition of the red and white wines as it is in the storage and continued preservation of your valued collection. For a product such as wine that is this delicate, it is seemingly harder than it sounds to ensure a perfect bottle of bordeaux after 20 years.

Wine Storage – How Does Temperature and Conditions Affect Wine?

Proper wine storage can make the difference between a sour, bitter wine or a lush flavorful one. Wine can often be altered by temperature and humidity changes, as well as noise and daylight. How the bottle is set down can also make a difference.

Removing a Crumbled Cork From Your Wine Bottle

Every now and again, opening a bottle of wine is more of a struggle than expected. Sometimes the cork itself has an irregularity or flaw that causes it to crumble when you’re attempting to open the wine. Other times, the cork falls into pieces because the corkscrew goes in a little sideways.

All Hail the Dark Lord – A Hot Commodity in Short Supply

Everyone has their favorite beer. For some, that might be Budweiser, Heineken or another mass produced beer. However, more and more people are finding their true love in the world of craft beer – there’s an immense number of great brews to learn about and love here. However, few craft beers can boast the success and popularity of Dark Lord Imperial Russian Stout.

Make Good Homemade Red Wine – Cheap and Easy

How about some good homemade red wine for about $2 a bottle? No problem. I am not talking about using an inferior grape or grape juice. I’m talking about wine from a vinifera grape, the best grapes in the world for wine making.

Wine in Hollywood

While there are undoubtedly many incidents in Tinseltown that involve wine (not all of them altogether pleasant), the following is a different kind of influence that wine has had over Hollywood. Wine has slowly become more and more ingrained in the public conscience as a drink of choice. As such, its influence has spilled over into other arenas, and film has not been immune.

Fire at the Rochefort Trappist Brewery

Beer has been around since the dawn of history. Interestingly, several breweries still in operation have an immensely long history. Take the Rochefort Trappist abbey in St Remy-Rochefort for example. The abbey has brewed beer for almost 400 years and has become well known for its dark, rich brews (particularly for their Trappistes Rochefort 6, 8 and 10).

Tweet Up a Beer – Technology and Beer

Baseball and technology are two of America’s favorite things. More and more, those seemingly disparate pastimes are joining hands too. One of the most interesting developments in this burgeoning world is the fact that you can now order a beer in two MLB parks via Twitter.

The Vinturi Wine Aerator – Your Wine Needs Room to Breathe!

Whether you are a wine connoisseur, an enthusiast or you simply enjoy a bit of vino here and there, you probably know that wine benefits from breathing. Typically, red wine benefits the most from breathing, although there are certain white wines that also improve when given time to breathe.

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