You’re Wine is (probably) Not Sweet

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You’re wine is (probably) not sweet! It is a very common mistake to call fruity wines “sweet” because our brains want to translate fruitiness for sweetness.

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Amazing Christmas Gift Idea For Wine Lovers

Wine is an excellent gift to be offered on any occasion: from an intimate reception to the celebration of important events. There are several different related wine gift ideas that you can offer.

Fine Wine For the Holidays – You Can Now Have Fine Wine Delivered to Your Door

Having fine wine for the holidays is a wonderful way to create an atmosphere of celebration with family and friends. Fine wine has just the right way of setting the mood at holiday get togethers, as well as birthdays, parties and other social events. Of course, we always…

How to Make Wine at Home – Tips and Techniques

Making Perfect Wines & Liquors From Home Is Easy – Once You Know This Simple Step-By-Step Formula! To start making your own wine you need wine making equipment.

Preserving an Open Bottle of Wine – How To Keep A Good Wine From Going Bad

For ten years, I ran a Wine Education program at a major university. Our program involved lots of tastings and, to reduce costs, we looked at various wine preservation systems. An inexpensive pump and plug system called Vacuvin won out on that day, though I have tried other experiments in preservation.

So You’d Like To Become A Winemaker

If you’ve always wanted to make some wine but didn’t know how, maybe you should take a clue from the anthropologists, those misfitty folks who leave their homeland and learn a new language and become acquainted with a whole host of new characters. What they do is throw themselves into the middle of things and start everywhere at once.

Gemischte Satz – Necessity Becomes Delightful

For hundreds of years, Viennese have enjoyed the fruits of a special relationship between their city and the vineyards that surround it. Since tk the government has collected no taxes on smallholdings and has allowed suburban winegrowers to sell the current crop of wine in little house-based taverns called heurigen (HOY-rig-ghen). The practical consequence of this peculiar failure to tax has been that people in the city can jump on a tram and, in a few minuters, find themselves at a delightfully tacky country inn where the wine is local and very cheap.

Wine For The Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is here and now is the time to choose the perfect wine to compliment the meal. Choosing wine to enhance the varied tastes of quests, variety of foods served, and the many aromas of this holiday does not have to be a difficult task. Many merchants offer specials and promotions of popular wine choices in the week preceding Thanksgiving.

When Tasting Wine

When you envision an individual tasting wine do you get the vision of a man swirling a half full glass of red wine under his nose? Ever wonder why he does this?

Diamonds In A Bottle

Several weeks ago we were lounging around with some old friends and I decided to open up a bottle of an Austrian Trockenbeerenauslese. This bottle was fairly old and certainly on the more expensive side. Making a few remarks about the wine, the producer and the vintage, one friend, studying the bottle, remarked “No wonder it’s expensive, it’s got diamonds in it!”.

The Cotes du Rhone Wine Region Of France

The Rhone Valley wine region looks to a fair degree like a miniature Italy as it extends roughly 200 kilometers from south of Lyon to just south of Avignon. In this region the weather varies from the warm summers and cold winters of the Rhone to classical Mediterranean weather where summers are hot and winters mild.

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