WSET Level Three Tasting Exam – A Study Guide

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In this video I take you through the WSET Level 3 tasting exam offering tips and insights into what you need to know.

The tasting examination will be internally set by your course provider and marked by a WSET Approved Level 3 Internal Assessor using an assessment brief provided by WSET Awards. The results will be verified by WSET Awards.
The examination will consist of two blind wines and will assess a candidate’s ability to accurately describe a wine and draw conclusions based on these observations. The tasting examination must be
completed in 30 minutes.
In order to secure a pass for the tasting examination a candidate will be required to attain a minimum mark of 55 per cent.

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If the whole idea in using fermentation locks is to keep airborne diseases from contaminating the wine, make sure that the bung and lock are airtight. If they are not, the gas leaking will prevent air from reaching the wine during the early stages, but as it slows down the outgoing stream of gas through the leakage holes wouldn’t be strong enough for this and so the airborne diseases could easily reach the wine.

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