WSET Level 3 Exam Questions – More of what to expect at Level Three

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In this video, I take you through the type of question you might expect to get when taking the WSET Level Three Exam

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Why Liqueurs Baskets Are Such Hits

The bottle shop is a frequent stop for people who have run out of ideas for Christmas gifts. Rather than presenting a friend or coworker with a bottle of wine in a bag, though, you should think about getting them a gift basket filled with a dazzling array of liqueurs, wine or other spirits – it’s sure to brighten up anyone’s day.

Home Wine Making – The Reason Why

I love wine, but drinking it every night gets pretty expensive. What was my solution to this little problem? I started making my own wine of course! Read the article to learn more.

The Simple ABC’s of Making Great Wine at Home

So you love wine enough that you want to try your hand at wine making at home? Good for you. You do not need to be a chemist or take out a loan for large pieces of equipment to be successful. It is easier than you might think. It you can follow instructions and are patient, you can be successful at making wine at home. Here are the ABC’s of making wine at home.

Sweet Red Wine – Good For the Heart As Well As the Taste Buds

There are some delicious foods and drinks that are also proven to be good for the body. One example of such is sweet red wine. We all know that wine, as well as other alcoholic beverages, can be good for the heart if it is drank moderately. Now, if you want to satisfy your taste buds from time to time by drinking something delicious and refreshing, then you might as well give way to sweet red wine as part of your regular routine.

A Brief History of Wine

It is generally now accepted that wine was discovered by accident somewhere in the Fertile Crescent, the agriculturally generous expanse of river valleys extending from the Nile to the Persian Gulf. Despite the fact that archaeologists have traced the origins of wine grapes back tens of thousands of years, the first evidence of wine having actually been made from grapes comes from a clay pot found in ancient Persia dating from around 10,000 years BC.

How Smoke Taint Can Get Into Wine

In the past few years wildfires have raged in parts of Australia, South Africa and California causing much damage to life and the eco-system. To the wine industry it is the vineyards who are suffering from a new problem, that of smoke taint in wine.

How to Store Wine – A Quick Lesson

How to store wine is an important consideration whether you favour red, white or sparkling. Storing it correctly is essential. If you have the notion that simply letting your bottle sit on a shelf, or storing in on a rack for an extended period of time is acceptable, read on.

The Beauty of German Beer Steins

I’ve collected German Beer Steins for a number of years now. Some of them are quite valuable but its really for the beauty of the craftsmanship involved.

Showcase a Collection Using a Wall Wine Rack

Get flexibility and sensible style with intelligent techniques for your wine storage space. Wine collecting is extremely common currently and the big question is how to display all the special vintages you might have uncovered. Wall mounted wine racks are a perfect method to keep track of and display all your individual vintages.

Beer Brewing Vocabulary and Abbreviations

There are several word that you will be introduced to when brewing beer. Some of them are probably things that you have heard before such as pH, Ale, and Lager. This article will give a more in depth description of these terms as well as give you a variety of new homebrewing vocabulary that you may not have heard yet.

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