WSET Level 2 Exam Questions – More of what to expect at Level Two

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In this video, I take you through the type of question you might expect to get when taking the WSET Level Two Exam

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How to Make Wine

Want to make wine? It really is a process that you can do yourself. You will just need to get a few chemicals and some equipment.

Champagne – How to Tell If You’ll Like it Before You Buy It – Part 2

Lots of people are unsure about how to choose one bottle of champagne over another and simply buy a name they know. In fact when you’re thinking of buying a bottle of champagne you really need to know three things about it that will give you a good idea of what it will taste like and avoid you wasting your money on a bottle that you don’t like, and may not be of the best quality. Here’s part 2 about how to tell what a champagne is like before you buy the bottle.

Do You Pretend to Know Wine?

The world of wine connoisseurs can be a very intimidating one, and if you do not know much about wine, it can be hard to spend time in the company of people who do. They talk about the legs, the oakiness, or a dozen other terms that you are probably not familiar with. But, if you want a bit of information so that you can at least participate in the conversation a little bit, here are some terms you should know, and use sparingly.

Why is Champagne the Best Wine You Can Buy?

Champagne is generally regarded as one of the best wines you can buy, buy why is that? This article looks at the grapes and methods used to produce champagne.

Enhance Your Beauty With Red Wine

Most often the women complain about their facial beauty and their weight that is increasing rapidly. An ill shaped body loses the charm while a face full of wrinkles and sagging skin completely destroys the beauty that you have. The ladies who are in their thirties commonly ask for the remedies that are anti aging and help them in preventing the early aging symptoms. A fair and problem free face is what we all need and wish to have.

How Wine Refrigerator Reviews Can Work For You

People who like to drink wine almost always have their own wine refrigerators at home. This is important because they need proper wine storage so that they can enjoy them. If you are planning to buy one, then you should always consult wine refrigerator reviews to make the right choice.

Why You Should Check Wine Refrigerator Reviews

If you are planning to buy a wine cooling unit yet you are confused as to which type or brand to buy, then perhaps you should consult wine refrigerator reviews first. Here are the reasons why.

Wine Caves – The First Original Wine Coolers

Wine has been stored underground in wine caves for thousands of years. For example, archaeologists have found several thousand year old wine jugs that were stored in walls or floors.

What is a Cheap Decent Tasting Wine to Serve at a Wedding?

Selecting the right wine to serve at a wedding and reception is sometimes a tough job. Do you want American or French? How much do you want to spend? Do you want sparkling wine or a nice red?

Grower Champagne – Farmers’ Market Or Supermarket?

It’s difficult to beat the big champagne houses for glamour and sheer elegance, but there’s a lot more to champagne than just those well-known names. The small, independent champagne makers offer a quite different experience and it is arguably amongst these many thousand small companies that the real heart of champagne can be found. The champagnes from these small producers are often called ‘Grower Champagnes’ and they can be spectacularly good. Here’s why… Did you know that not a single one of the ‘big name’ brands has enough vineyards to supply all the grapes they need to produce the millions of bottles they sell every year?

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