WSET Level 1 Exam Questions – What you are tested on at Level One

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In this video I take you through more examples of the types of question you will be asked when taking the WSET exam at Level One

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Various Types of Red Wines

When somebody talks about the red wine then you will realize that it is quite rich as well as velvety. It is often dried and then appeal for the more cultured palate. The red wine is certainly tastier than the white wine. There are many brands of the red wines. So let us see that how many types of the red wines are there. In this article we are going to talk about the red wine types.

Finding the Best Wine Glass For You

Imagine a romantic date with your beloved one where you can enjoy the magnificent sunset or pool side view setting on your chairs with wine glasses in you hands. I am sure that you can not miss this eternal joy of accompanying you partner in a wine party.

Things You Should Know About the Great Italian Wine

There are various countries in this world that are manufacturing huge quantities of excellent Wine. One such country is Italy which is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world. Italy has mainly twenty Wine regions and each different region is famous for producing a unique quality of wine. In the recent times, Italy has developed various good techniques with the help of which it manufactures high class wine all the year round.

Wine – A Beverage With a Rich History and Background

Wine is simply an alcoholic beverage which is made from grapes. It is prepared by the fermentation of grape juice. A wide variety of grapes are used in preparation of wine. It is a beverage which is famous worldwide. A lot of people enjoy having wine on different occasions.

Wine and Wine Rack Cabinets

Wine has rich diversity and background. People from all over the world consume wine for various purposes. Wine is a simple beverage or drink made from fermented grapes. Wine has several religious and medicinal uses. That is the main reason why people love to drink wine.

Plastic Wine Glasses – Best Suited For the Wine

As far as the plastic wine glasses are concerned, you will certainly find some very expensive item as well as you will find some very cheap one as well. You might be quite good at shopping. But your shopping quality will certainly be checked when you go out for the wine glasses. You might talk about the Riedel glasses or you might talk about the any other wine glass. You will certainly find out that they are quite good for tasting purpose. The plastic wine glasses are certainly quite worthy, and you will have a good time while searching for it.

Wine and Wine Related Gifts – How to Find Them

As far as the wine and wine related gifts are concerned, you will certainly find out that there are so many gifts which you can give related to the wine. In fact, all those parties during which the wine is served, needs to provide the red meat as well. Similarly, you will find out that the wine is quite popular among the girls as well. But what are those things which you will have to consider. This is certainly a very important question.

Wine Labels – What Do They Really Mean?

Most people are very confused when it comes to wine. Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Burgundy, Beaujolais, dry, sweet, etc… What does all this really mean?

3 Must – Know Methods to Make a Cocktail

Blending, mixing, muddling and shaking are terms with which every cocktail maker will become familiar – essential methods that, if applied to the wrong cocktail could be disastrous, and yet so simple once learned. Hints on serving storing pre-mixed cocktails are given, with guidance for the cocktail party.

Finding Work Serving Drinks

If you are an outgoing individual that loves people, conversation, and fun, then you might want to consider a career in the food services industry. If you have skills, agility, and a way with words, you might even find yourself behind a bar, serving up exotic cocktails to an eager clientele.

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