Wines Made with European Balance at The Ojai Vineyard

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The Ojai Vineyard began in 1983 with the dream of producing distinctive California wines using traditional wine making practices learned in Burgundy and the Rhone valley. Twenty-eight years later Adam Tolmach continues to pursue the craft at his artisanal winery in Ojai, California, purchasing grapes from the finest terroirs in the coolest districts of northern Santa Barbara County. Learn more about this winery:

Red Wine Heart Health – Fact or Fiction?

What are the red wine heart health benefits you can get from drinking this delicious beverage derived from European grapes? Moderate consumption of red wine has long been acknowledged as helping cut the risk of heart disease, since the fermented beverage is a rich source of flavonoids (polyphenol antioxidants) which are found in the skin and seeds of red grapes. Flavonoids can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in three ways: Lowering the amount of “bad” LDL, increasing the amount of “good” LDL, and reducing blood clotting.

Wine: A Global Passion

The pleasures and passion associated with sharing a decent bottle of wine transcend international boundaries. For some nationalities, wine has been a way of life since time immemorial…

Champagne: Is This Bubbly Worth the Extra?

With so many quality sparkling white (and even red) wines competing for our discerning palates, the time is ripe to review the question “What’s so special about genuine champagne?” Exclusivity, it would appear, is champagne’s trump card; it also has pedigree. And, if you can afford it, what could be more pleasurable than ordering a bottle of finest brand name, without batting an eyelid?

Wine Tasting Parties Are Perfect For Holiday Get Togethers!

I love a good glass of wine and I love spending time with friends and family! What better way is there to combine these two loves than with a wine tasting party? I really can not think of one!

An Overview of Mid-Willamette Valley Vineyards

Mid Willamette valley vineyards have developed a reputation for producing some of the best Pinot Noir grapes in the world as well as an excellent Pinot Gris. The Willamette Valley American Viticultural Area is the largest AVA in the state, encompassing 5,200 square miles, and is home to most of the state s wineries. The Willamette Valley AVA is divided into six sub-regions, each of which has its own particular soils, climates and elevation.

The Best Irish Whiskeys to Warm Up Your Winter

Irish Whiskey has always been less well know than the Scotch Version, ironic when one considers that Whiskey originated in Ireland. The name itself, being derived from the Irish (Fuisce or Uisce Bheatha) for “Water of Life,” a phrase that very much exemplifies that Irish irreverence is not a new trait. Irish Whiskey makers rejected the large batch distillery method, when it came out, they felt that quality was being sacrificed for volume.

The Beaujolais Villages – Birthplace Of Great Wines

The third Thursday of November marks a very special event in the world of wines, when the clock strikes 1 after midnight, millions of cases of Beaujolais Nouveau are being shipped from the Beaujolais villages including the nearby towns of Romaneche -Thorins, to their destinations in the different parts of France all the way to the rest of the world. The arrival of the bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau is welcomed by huge banners…

What’s So Special About Beaujolais Nouveau, 2011?

November is a very special month for celebrations. The Thanksgiving season is the time of the year that most people look forward to. The holiday is equivalent to long weekend with family and friends, as well as non stop party and festivities. But just before Thanksgiving dinner, another special event among wine enthusiasts is celebrated across the world; this is the unveiling of the Beaujolais Nouveau.

Why You Should You Store Wine in a Wine Fridge and What Features to Look for When Buying One

If you are passionate about wine, then you must store it correctly. Due to various chemical reactions, all wine will eventually go off, a wine fridge will delay this. This article discusses wine fridges, why they are different to your normal domestic fridge or a beer fridge and what features to look for when buying a wine fridge.

How to Read an American Wine Label

Every year, the US approves over 100,000 wine labels for distribution. Every new wine release in the US must have its own approved label. As a result, American wine labels are often easier to understand compared to their Old World counterparts.

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