Winemakers Wine Tasting Tips and Tricks

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The California Wine Club captures some great wine tasting tips and funny quotes on camera from winemakers at a few of our featured California wineries. Our wine club has been helping wine lovers discover small family wineries since 1990, we love sharing the stories of their handcrafted wines.

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Wine Bottles Dressed to Impress With Foil and Embossed Wine Labels

A high-impact wine label can go far in ensuring a sale, and the right label can secure your place as a producer of a well-rounded product. Many factors go into producing an eye-catching wine label, such as color, quality, shape and finish. These all combine to catch the attention of the perceptive wine buyer and help the bottle stand out from the other wines on the shelf.

New Zealand White Wine Producing Regions

New Zealand is a very large and exceptionally charming country with countless natural beauty and numerous wineries and various wine making regions. The wine producing regions in New Zealand is some of the best in the world not to mention the fact that they are unique.

What You Need to Know About New Zealand Marlborough Wine

The pioneers of wine production in New Zealand were Neal and Judy Ibbotson who were also the first people to venture out and plant vineyards in Marlborough. It was in 1978 that these people first began to realize and take advantage of the unique growing conditions that New Zealand had to offer.

Oyster Bay Wine – Why is it So Popular?

There are various reasons why oyster bay wine is so popular. One of the biggest reasons being is that the wine is really good. People around the world really love the taste of Oyster bay wines.

What Makes New Zealand Red Wine So Good?

There are many factors which make New Zealand red wine so good including the fact that the wine regions are those that are mostly located at free draining valleys. Valleys such as Martinborough, Wairau and Hawke’s Bay, with a few exceptions such as Kawarau Gorge.

Villa Maria Wine – Everything You Wanted to Know About New Zealand’s Premier Winemaker

The Villa maria Estate is actually the home of New Zealand’s Villa maria wine which was originally founded by George Fistonich in 1961. Mr. Fistonich still owns Villa maria wine and its vineyards located in Marlborough, Gisbrone, Auckland, and Hawke’s Bay.

The Making of Champagne

There are only three types of grapes that can be used in the production of champagne.These three varieties are: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. Pinot Noir is the wine growers nightmare, but the drinkers paradise. Pinot Noir is extremely sensitive to rot and disease.

Wine Glass Importance

Choosing the right wine glasses to compliment your wine is very important. The shape and size of a glass can alter the wine’s flavor and aroma and will affect how a wine is perceived. A well chosen glass will enhance the experience of your wine as well as your meal.

Becoming a Wine Collector – An Interesting Art Form

In 1738 poet John Gay wrote in The Squire and His Cure: From wine what sudden friendship springs! Wine has a long history that dates back to at least 4000 BC. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics in tombs include pictures of royalty drinking wine. In fact, the oldest known bottle of wine is dated from 325 AD and was found in 1867 in a Roman sarcophagus unearthed in Germany.

Italian Wine – A Guide to Red and White Italian Wine

There is not one bit of Italy that is incapable of growing grapes. Italy is the 2nd largest wine producing country in the world, just below France. Italy’s geographical characteristics make it ideal to grow every type of grape that the world has to offer. The fact that Italy is so long means wine growing can be grown from the Alps right down to the south end, within sight of Africa.

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