Winecast: Wine and Fried Foods Hanukkah Edition

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Using the Festival of Lights as an opportunity to talk about two of my favorite things — wine and fried foods. Hag Sameach!

For more info on Hanukkah:

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Serving With Wine Glasses: What’s Behind Glass Number 1

Wine glasses come in all sorts of varieties and, unlike many other containers, they can make or break the wine drinking experience. Because of this, it’s important to know what wine to put in which glass, making you, as a wine expert, seem unbreakable.

Homebrew Experimentation – Back to Basics

Many homebrewers like to experiment with flavors and subtle changes in the recipe, and I’m no exception, but first we need to establish a solid, good tasting beer to build upon. That means stepping away from the spice cabinet, avoiding the jams and jellies aisle at the local supermarket, and getting back to basics.

Finding A Metal Wine Rack That’s Right For You

In the end, taking good time and deliberation when deciding on your metal wine rack, will bring you the satisfaction of a great metal wine rack that makes your decor great while also showcasing your treasured wine collection. What better storage than one that reminds you in comfort?

Cava Wines

An introduction to the Sparkling Cava Wines of Northern Spain, truly Spanish Champagne.

Washing Wine Glasses: From a Chore to an Art Form

No one likes doing the dishes. But, for the seasoned wine drinker, keeping wine glasses clean is an elemental part in keeping the elegance of wine from getting soiled.

Champagne Flutes

If there is champagne served, then what can make it more attractive and elegant than a wonderful champagne flute? Generally speaking a champagne flute is a piece of artistic glassware. This glass has a long elongated stem that helps in easy handling and has exceptional characteristics. These champagne flutes are not used every time champagne is served. It is used occasionally and only for ceremonies, for example, weddings, formal engagements, award ceremonies and so on.

What to Drink at Thanksgiving or Christmas

There is so much to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas that anything that will make things easier will be a real help. This is a simple guide to help you pick a selection of drinks to match your food that tastes great but won’t break the bank. Choosing wine can be quite daunting but this article will help you pick the right one without breaking the bank.

Champagne Toasts

A champagne toast is one good way of celebrating an important occasion. This is usually marked as one of the highlights of the celebration.

Champagne Cocktails

Champagnes are sparkling wines produced by a certain method. They come from the province of Champagne in France. While champagne can already be consumed by itself, others also mix it with choice ingredients for a more bubbly and inviting taste. When mixed with other ingredients, they are called champagne cocktails.

Champagne Punch

When you mention the word “PUNCH” what comes to your mind? For some it could mean a fight, fist-to-fist, to others it would mean a playful hit on the back. But, to me it means a real good punch, a wonderful, exciting and energizing Champagne punch. A champagne punch can add a touch of sophistication to your occasion or to your bar. It is one of the drinks that is enjoyed both, by men as well as women.

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