Winecast: Washington Wine

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Made it to cast number 100 and celebrating that milestone with some thoughts on the wines of my adopted home, Washington State. Thanks to all my viewers and subs for the terrific support.

Global Warming Means no More French Wine!

Global Warming if it happens will mean that climates and regional weather will shift and therefore France will not be able to grow grapes and thus we will not have to put up with their arrogant public relations campaigns over how good that they think their wine is.

Proper Wine Storage and Wine Racking Solutions

Wine racks offer ample storage space for your wine collection while creating an attractive display. Store your fine wines in these wine racks. Metal or wooden wine racks feature a creative backdrop highlighting your most valuable collections. Choose the furnishing that best suites your taste.

Become A Wine Expert… Follow These Steps And You’ll Know How To Taste Wine Like A Pro

You can improve your experience of drinking wine, by doing what the wine experts do. This article gives some simple steps so you too can taste wine like a pro.

The Correct Wine Storage Temperature

Temperature is by far the most important factor in storing wine. If you do not have ideal conditions for storing your wine, it is recommended that you at least maintain optimal temperature levels. The storage temperature of wine has the biggest impact on its flavor, quality and longevity. Since most wines need to be aged for a period of months to years, your wine storage area should have a consistent temperature. This means the 9 bottle wine racks that sit on countertops are not effective in properly storing wine. Ideally, a cellar or controlled temperature wine chamber is the best way to store your wines.

Wine Country Gift Baskets

A wine country gift basket usually contains two bottles of wine from ones favorite winery or wine shop, some cheese and crackers. A delicious assortment of wines, cheeses and chocolates make the wine country gift baskets extremely special. Fully assembled and impressive gift baskets combine everything there is to love about wines, cheese and chocolate. Wine country gift baskets make the perfect gifts for every occasion and can be enjoyed by men and women alike, even by people who are not wine connoisseurs.

What is Micro Brew?: Understanding Beer

Micro brewed beer is often used to refer to beer that is brewed in the comforts of one’s home or in small pubs. The term started in the 70s in the UK to describe single units that make their own beer or traditional cask ale.

Stop Serving The Wrong Wine

Get the scoop on some of the most popular wines and what meals are appropriate to serve them with.

Bartending – A Penny For Your Thoughts

Bartending can be a good way to make some money and meet some people, but bartenders are not as glamorous as they appear in movies.

Learn About Wine Collection

Wine collecting can be fun and exciting especially when you travel searching for the wine of you choice. If you are planning to collect wines, you may need to spend more money on wines that have high category brands and those that are vintage. Here are some tips to help you in collecting wines. 1. You may start finding a storage place for your wine collections. You may create a place for cooling and storing at home for all the wines you collect.

Matching Food to the Right Wines

When it comes to food and wine, most people are brought up with the rule stating “red goes with red, white goes with white”, which means red wine goes with red meat while white wine goes with fish and poultry. Then came the “postmodern” maxim which says that ‘if you like the taste, the match is perfect’. Despite the presence of these simplistic guides, many people still don’t know how to match food and wine well. The truth is, many really don’t know what tastes good and what doesn’t. Fortunately, the art of food and wine matching follows a simple logic that is quite easy to follow.

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