Winecast: Walla Walla Valley and The Rocks

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Another cast on an AVA, this time covering one of my favorites that straddles the Oregon/Washington state line.

St. Nikolaus Bock Bier – Santa’s Little Helper

Tis the season to be jolly. It doesn’t hurt either if you have a great holiday seasonal micro brew to enjoy while decking the halls. Pennsylvania Brewing Company’s St. Nikolaus Bock might be just the thing to enjoy on one of these upcoming frosty December eves.

Join the Club: Wine Clubs

One of the best ways to get access to great, and sometimes less accessible, wines is to join a wine club. These clubs are free to join and can result in you enjoying a greater variety of wines. Whether retailer operated, or direct through the winery, wine clubs will enhance your wine drinking pleasure

Pucker Up For One Last Kiss

One Last Kiss debuted on December 1st and 2nd of this year in Santa Monica. At an event hosted by Billion Dollar Babes, drinkers sampled the product, wine tasters gave their opinions, and, of course, wine bottles took a bow and waved to fans.

Wine Racks: The Solution for Practical Wine Storage

In order to get the best benefits out of good wines, they first need to sufficiently mature. Wines only get better with time. They must be stored properly during this period of maturing, as factors such as humidity, temperature, and proper lighting play an imperative role. The easiest and most effective way to store wine is to use a wine rack.

Shopping For Your Wine Racks Is Easier When Done From Your Sofa

Everyone knows that shopping over the internet is both a blessing and a curse. While there is nothing like being able to shop from the comfort of your sofa in your favourite pyjamas with a cup of steaming coffee or hot chocolate, especially at this the busiest shopping time of year.

Cork Taint: Something to Wine About

Cork taint has the potential to come between you and your wine; it can take a good bottle and make it undrinkable. But, as we speak, researchers are looking for a way to put a cork in the tainting process.

The Cork Heard Around the World

Beaujolais nouveau is a special wine that comes out but once a year. Viewed by many as a holiday treat, this line of wine flies off the shelves as quick as Tickle Me Elmo in the toy store.

Organic Wine, A Reprieve for the Allergic

For people who are allergic to sulfites, drinking a glass of wine can be a deadly experience. But, certain types of wine – such as organic wine – minimize the amounts of sulfites used, giving those allergic a chance to literally drink to their health.

How To Find Great Wine Gift baskets For Any Occasion

Wine baskets are a happening trend. No matter whom the gift is for, they are certain to love it. You can easily stock the basket to fit the needs of the recipient.

How To Choose WIne Gift Baskets For The Wine Enthusiasts On Your Gift List

Creating a wine basket over the Internet is not only time saving for you, but it is an excellent way to really personalize the basket. There are many unique spins that can be taken on a gift basket.

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