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Erratum: I should have said Dorados can be compared to Oloroso Sherries — not Finos. Slip of the tongue; I think I’m still suffering from Sherry shell-shock.

A great Spanish grape that needs more attention.

California Cult Wine Prices Are Going Crazy!

Wine collectors have seen a meteoric rise in wine prices in the last 5 years. Leading the charge are the boutique wine producers often referred to as cult wines. In the past five years wine have run from $50 per bottle to $500 per bottle which begs the question “How much is too much?”.

Why Don’t We Use Our Good Wine Glasses?

Kathy Charlton one of the Olympic Women in Wine, speculates why don’t we use our good wine glasses

For A Look At A Good Winery You Don’t Have To To Europe

You don’t have to travel to Europe to experience world class wine and wine-making facilities. Vintners throughout the United States are producing wines which can compete with any wine from anywhere in the world.

Why Wine Gift Baskets Are Always A Popular Choice For Christmas Gifts

This holiday season, or for any reason, when you’re trying to figure out a good gift to give, you ought to look into wine gift baskets. For the wine connoisseur or the wine novice, wine gift baskets are a great way to tell someone you care and give them something interesting, different, and delicious.

Rioja – The Spanish Beauty

Rioja is Spain’s version of the Italian Chianti. It is the best-known and best-loved type of Spanish red wine, the one red wine type from Spain that has found a home for itself on wine lists and retail shelves everywhere in the world.

The History Of American Wines – Where Did The California Wine Boom Come From

It’s only been within the past 30 years that American wineries have made since a large mark on the world.

Wine and Weddings

Wedding receptions and alcohol often take each other’s hand in marriage, forming a union that no one can break. However, this can be costly for whoever is paying for the wedding. Using wine to replace hard alcohol, nonetheless, can save a great amount of money.

Napa Valley Wineries

Wine Country California is called a region of Northern California, known by its premium wine-growing region since the year 1838. In Wine Country California there are over 200 wineries The area includes Napa Valley in Napa County, and the Sonoma Valley, Alexander Valley and Russian River Valley in Sonoma County

The History of the Martini

A history of the world’s most famous cocktail with recipies and folklore.

Gaia Wines Contemporary Winery: An Emblem of Indiana’s Growing Wine Industry

Indiana may be renowned for its status as one of America’s most successful sporting states, but its growing community of winemakers is showing the nation that there is more to Hoosiers than football

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