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Never have so many hard to say wines been so delicious.

Hanging Wine Racks – Ah! The Possibilities!

Hanging wine racks are specially designed racks that can be suspended from the ceiling, under cabinets, on walls (although there are special wall wine racks that are constructed differently), or on another piece of high-situated furniture. Aside from the intended purpose, these hanging wine racks have multiple functions; they provide revolving decor, space facilitation, and stylish design.

Hitting Bars with a Hookah

Taking Inspiration from the ‘Hookah’, a new way of consuming alcohol that offers an immediate hit with no hangover the next day has been introduced in the United Kingdom. The new method is known as AWOL, an acronym for ‘Alcohol With Out Liquid’, and could become a hit in the global club scene due to the euphoric ‘high’ created when alcohol is vaporised, mixed with oxygen and inhaled. AWOL machines serve bar customers via tubes and could be seen as a modern version of the ‘Nargile’ or ‘Hookah’, which originated in India and …

Wine Touring Options

Wine is produced all over the world and wineries are now offering plenty of wine tour options. Discover some of the possible wine touring options.

An Introduction To Alcohol

Alcohol is a colorless flammable liquid obtained by the fermentation of sugar and starch. It is used either in its pure or denatured form as a solvent in drugs, explosives, cleaning solutions or intoxicating beverages.

Essential Wine Accessories

You have decided to join the ranks of millions and become a wine enthusiast. You might be wondering to yourself what this entails exactly, and what sorts of gadgets and gizmos are you going to need to properly enjoy your wine. To be honest, there are few accessories that a person absolutely needs to enjoy their wine.

How To Understand Labels On Wine Bottles

There is already a stigma attached to wine of being a high class beverage and above the ordinary citizen without the added feeling of ignorance when trying to understand and comprehend what the terminology on the labels means.

Italian Red Wines

Commonly known as Italian reds, Italian red wines are world famous. As compared to red wines produced in other parts of the world, they stand apart due to their tarter taste, higher acidity, and aroma.

California Wine Country

California is home to big, established and very famous wineries and small, new and lesser known vineyards alike. Some of the more popular chateaus in the whole of California and the world are the Robert Mondavi winery, Domaine Chandon, Niebaum-Coppola Estate winery, Beaulieu Vineyards and Beringer Vineyards. These are the historic wineries that have brought international attention to California as a wine country.

The Livermore Wine Country

Are you ready to discover world class wines, beautiful scenery, and friendly wineries? The Livermore Wine Country, east of San Francisco, is the newest up and coming wine region in California. Find out why more and more visitors are flocking to the Livermore Valley Wine Country for wine tasting.

Global Warming Attacking Wine Vineyards

This article discusses the influence Global Warming may have on the wine industry, per a recent study on climatic changes.

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