Winecast: The Côte de Nuits

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Another deep dive into a sub-region of Burgundy/Bourgogne

Wine and Oak – A Beautiful Relationship

One of the biggest influences on the flavour of wine is whether it has been matured, or even just stored, in oak. There are people who are prejudiced against oaked wine and will complain of even the slightest hint of oak, but many experts agree that if a wine has been carefully oaked it does not taste of wood, but more like a wine that has had its flavour subtly enhanced.

Raise Your Beer Mug to the World or How to Say Cheers! In Zulu

A list of multi-national toasts to impress your friends and use as a sign of respect when in the company of people from different cultures.

Keep Wine Chilled – Use a Wine Cooler

Wines taste best served at the right temperature. From 7 degrees C for non vintage sparkling to 18 degrees C for vintage port. Different types of wines need to be served at different temperatures. Wine coolers serve the purpose of chilling your wine to the right temperature.

Pairing Food with Red and White Wines

Describes basics of food and wine pairing. While selecting which wine to serve with which food is a matter of personal taste, there are some general guidelines.

Benefits of Using a Wine Rack

Temperature, humidity, lighting conditions and movement play important roles for wines to mature properly. Wines need to be kept in a safe place if they are to be stored for any amount of time. And there is no other way of storing wines safely other than investing in a wine rack.

How To Create A Mini Wine Cellar In A Closet

When you’re passionate about wine you begin collecting it… and when you begin collecting it you need a place to store it. A closet can easily be turned into a mini wine cellar to store your growing wine collection…

Wine – Red or White – How to Make 130 Litres

What if I could show you how to make 130 litres of red or white wine, would you be interested?

Beer – Barley, Hops And A Lot Of Luck

Beer is the perfect drink to help you unwind. There’s a different kind for every taste.

How To Taste Wine

Often times, I will be at a wine tasting, or even out with friends, and they say “How am I supposed to taste the wine?” I suppress the urge to say something silly, and tell them to do the “Five S’s” to taste the wine.

Chardonnay: It Isn’t Always What You Think

Often times people will describe their taste in wine, and when they describe their ideal white wine, they will say “I like Chardonnay”. Of course, there are a growing number of wine drinkers that are saying “ABC” or “Anything But Chardonnay” a backlash to the prevalence of the wine, but that is another matter.

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