Winecast: Storage and Cellaring

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Storing your wine to keep it safe and to age it.

Wine Tasting – Is It Really An Art?

A brief discussion on the art of wine tasting.

Red Wines – No Back Seat To White

A review of some of the more popular red wines.

White Wines – The Most Popular

A list and commentary on the most popular white wines and best foods to serve with.

The Perfect Margarita

For years I have been searching for the perfect margarita, I was about to give up hope when we stopped in for a quick drink at this little bar.

Some Facts About Whiskey or Whisky

The world of whisky is complicated and sometimes intimidating. This article will help introduce people to the whiskey world and how this spirit became so unique and valued.

Valencian Wine

Valencia is famous for its wine production; many of its wines are exported overseas for use in restaurants, or for personal use. Valencia’s weather climate and soil consistencies form the perfect conditions for wine production.

Beer Brewing Big and Creative in America

The many faces of American Beer Brewing. There are multitudes of sites about beer online: beer making magazines to read, breweries to visit, associations for beer makers to join and festivals to attend. Of these sites, about 85% are based in the U.S. so the Americans seem to be leading the pack.

7 Tips For a Fun and Memorable Wine Tasting

A fun way to learn more about different wines — especially those you normally wouldn’t buy on your own — is to host a wine tasting in your home. This articles will give you a few tips for putting together a fun and educational wine tasting.

Greek Island Wine – Taste the Place

One person’s experience imbibing the local wines in the context of the Greek isles.

Beer Making Tips-The Affordable to Great Beer

Brew low cost beer. The amount of time you spend on brewing beer makes the small difference in cost between “just OK” ingredients and top quality ingredients a minor point. Either way, the cost of brewing a 5 gallon batch is much cheaper than buying a couple of cases of beer in the store.

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