Winecast: Sherry, Pt. IV

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Sorry, I had to re-upload! Some closing thoughts on Sherry, notably the Age Designated styles and food and Sherry pairings.

Niagara … Famous for Its Wine?

Niagara Falls draws in thousands to see the awesome wonder. However, a little known fact is that Niagara Falls region is also home to some of the world’s best wines.

Red Wine Uruguayan Tannat – A Guide to This Fine Wine – Its Benefits and Secrets

Tannat red wine produces wine tasting notes of red fruits and spices with an intense cherry red color and purplish tint. Why the Uruguayan Tannat is different to the French Tannat wine?

Shaken or Stirred?

Whether bartending on the job, bartending for friends at home, or if you hang out with a Mr. James Bond, you will frequently come across the question, shaken or stirred? This question does require a lot of thought as it applies to so many more drinks than just the vodka or gin martini.

The Unsung Benefits of Wine

Everyone knows that wine is good for the heart. But, did you also know that wine is good for all kinds of aspects of health. From old age to diabetes, wine is labeling itself with health.

Wine Appreciation — Fake It ’till You Make It

With countless options in wine consumption, it is almost impossible to pick a wine you’re sure to love. Many of us try our first glass of wine, turn our nose up at it, and ask someone to pass the brewed stuff. The fact of the matter is there are too many wines to choose from to base your opinion on the first you encounter.

DUI Tests

Article describes Information on DUI Tests.

How Southern Califonia Wines Compete With Fine Wines All Over The World

Wine is a beverage that is produced throughout the world. Each region may claim to be the best, but the wines produced in California can compete with all of them. California is responsible for 90 percent of the country’s wine making.

Some Facts You May Not Know About Burgundy Wines

The making of wine dates back several millennia and there are few wines more revered than those that come from France. What’s interesting to note is that French wines are part American.

Removing Red Wine Stains Is Not A Cause For Panic

Imagine that you are hosting a party for some of your best friends. The atmosphere is bubbling with the excitement of everyone chatting and mingling with each other, when all of a sudden you hear a crashing sound and see the sight that every host prays will never happen; a glass of red wine has taken a swan dive and landed not on your tile floor where it is easy to clean up but on to your very embarrassed guest and all over your furniture. It would appear that Murphy’s Law has struck again, but don’t panic, it is possible to get red wine stains out!

Robert Gerald Mondavi from Napa California

Robert Gerald Mondavi one of the world’s most well-known wine experts has helped to bring fame to the California wines of the Napa Valley. Possibly his most recognizable contributions are his improvements and marketing strategies of wine making and wine labeling. Mondavi promoted labeling wine varietally instead of generically.

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