Winecast: Sherry, Part III

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Part III of the Sherry series covering styles. For some great visuals of Sherry and the Jerez region check out this video by fellow YouTuber Luke Darracott over at The Gastro Traveler as well as his generally excellent channel:

How Tequila Is Made

Tequila is a distilled spirit that is produced only in Mexico, and only then in the region of Tequila. Juice from the heart of the agave plant is fermented and distilled twice to make tequila. The production of Tequila has to be in compliance with stringent regulations put forth by the Mexican government.

The History of Tequila

Tequila is undoubtedly the national drink of Mexico. The history of the beginnings of tequila is a symbol of a rich heritage that dates back 900 years. The ancient Aztecs used a variation of tequila that was consumed during religious ceremonies and celebrations. Further variations of tequila have been produced in central Mexico over hundreds of years.

The Lager Debate – Lager Vs Ale – Which is Better?

When I became an ale lover I became a lager basher. Now I realize the error of my ways. Certain lagers can have just as much variety and detail in their flavors as ales.

Oenology: A Few Notes

Oenology is the study of wine and its production from the vineyard to the bottle. The word is derived from the Greek words “oinos” (vino) and “logos” (study of).

The Semillon Grape, The Unsung Hero of Wine

Semillon is one of the world’s leading varieties of grapes, even though it seems to always be a second tiered grape because its is usually blended with other varieties, rather than marketed on it’s own. It’s extremely difficult to come up with a list of defining tastes and aromas that are characteristic of this grape, nonetheless, Semillon is still worth a second look and hopefully this extract will shed some light on this unappreciated fruit

Wine and the Roman Empire

Ah, the Roman Empire. Just the mention of it makes the ears of curators everywhere prick up: where there are the Romans, there is history. This includes wine history. Having influenced so many cultures and societies, a great deal of wine’s prestige must be attributed to the Romans. Here we raise our glass to them.

Wine During Prohibition

Prohibition was a dark time in America’s history, particularly for Alcohol lovers. While beer got most of the press during this era, wine was also affected. This article discusses what happened to wine during these drying times.

Savour The Apple Martini

As always insight always comes to me in the latest hour of the evening. This evening was shadowed with the feelings of melancholy and sadness. Sometimes you just want to hide from the world and the only one you can handle talking to is your best girlfriend. On this evening we went to our favorite martini bar to bitch about life, we knew that we could hide out on our favorite corner couch, eat chocolate and drink a good martini. We also knew that we would hopefully not be bothered by anyone we knew. It is always great when your girlfriend is in the same pissy mood that you are. I knew we both felt like crap when I realized that neither of us had done our hair. The ponytail was a fashion statement that evening. Martinis are usually the inspiration for laughter and giggles however on that evening I could tell that they were going to be the catalyst of tears.

The Summer’s Coolest Cocktails And Swimsuits

So allow me to reintroduce this season’s coolest buzzing thirst quenchers and their hottest Tan-through bathing suit contemporaries.

How To Easily Learn And Enjoy The Art Of Wine Tasting

The last time you had a glass of wine did you take the time to taste it, savor the aroma, and even look at the color. Maybe not, but if you learn to taste wine properly you may find that you had never really experienced a glass of wine before.

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