Winecast: Sherry, Part I

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Erratum: Jerez is actually located on the South Southwest coast of the Iberian Peninsula. I genuinely have no idea how I went so long without catching that. Hopefully, that’s the biggest mistake I made.

Part 1 of the long-requested cast on Sherry is here. This part covers history, wine law, climate, soils and grapes for Sherry. The next cast will be on production, the Solera system and styles. Happy watching!

Visiting the Mount Gay Rum Factory in Barbados

A visit to Barbados isn’t complete until you have visited the Mount Gay Rum Visitors Centre. It is here where you will discover the secrets behind Barbados’ finest and most celebrated golden spirit – the 300 year old Mount Gay Rum.

Removing a Wine Stain is Easy – But You Have to be Quick

Not all wine stains are red, although red wind is the most noticeable, but white wine can leave some pretty unsightly marks too. When you need to tackle a wine stain, the first job in hand is to pour some cold water onto the area as quickly as possible. This will instantly dilute the wine before it has time to settle in, and therefore makes removal much easier.

The Unique Wines of Oregon

Oregon is known as being one of the most beautiful places in the United States, but did you know they also are known for making some of the most beautiful wine?

Why You Should Consider Giving the Gift of Wine

As the next special occasion or holiday approaches why not give the gift of wine? Wine can make an excellent gift any time of the year. It is inexpensive yet has a sophistication and appeal which will be well received by the recipient.

Brew Your Own Cheap Wine

Perfect for the college student or anyone looking to make cheap wine. The ingredients are easy to find and many people are already working on it.

Why You Should Consider Quality Custom Wine Gift Baskets For Your Gift Giving

Wine has been becoming more popular in recent years. Once an extravagant item only the wealthy could enjoy, wine has steadily became more affordable. Wines available today are flavorful and inexpensive. A new gift idea sprouting from the renewed interest in wine are wine gift baskets.

Father of the California Wine Industry

Agoston Haraszthy served as a member of the Royal Hungarian Guards but fled Europe for fear of being branded a revolutionist.

Health Benefits of Wine

In the 1990’s a news report, later titled the “French Paradox”, was brought to the public eye after researchers discovered that the French who live on a diet of cheese, butter, organ meats, eggs and other cholesterol laden food had a lower rate of heart attack than in America. The results as to why this was so were very surprising to many: moderate and steady consumption of wine. How is wine good for your health?

Wine Making Tips from Andre: Fruit Wines and Fruit Winemaking — Part 1 of 2

Once again we have advent of the summer season in Western New York and Ontario and while some home winemakers limit their endeavors to the grape, others, including myself, anxiously await the arrival of the fresh fruit…

Finest Wine Racks From The Little Guys

It is easy to see why many people feel that when it comes to shopping for a wine rack, there is not going to be much choice in terms of finding really unique yet functional pieces. Let’s face it, for many of us a wine rack has always been seen as just something to store our bottles, however, today many people are looking for those interesting pieces that will always be a conversation starter while being functional at the same time. You might be able to find such pieces from larger stores or manufacturers, but when looking to buy a wine rack that none of your friends will have, the best place to look is with the independent artists.

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