Winecast: Petit Verdot

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It’s a blender, alright, but you should definitely take it seriously as a varietal wine.

Types of Wine: Pick Your Grape

Vintages aside, wine has several different types. From Barley Wine to Rose Wine, this article touches on the basics of all the different

Shiraz / Syrah – Whats the Difference?

There are a few varieties of wine that taste almost identical, yet have different names.

Claus Riedel: The Man Behind the Glass

The Riedel tale of glassmaking, with pivotal chapters authored by Claus, began in 1678 in north Bohemia, a historical region of the western Czech Republic.

What Goes Into Making A Red Wine?

Red wine is definitely distinctively different than white wine. The universe of red wine is full of characters.

Delicious Cocktails To Please Your Guests

When having a dinner party, a large aspect of its success is determined by the cocktails that you make available. You can really turn your party into a night to remember if you can expose your guests to some delicious drinks that they’ll never forget. In this article, we’ll relay some cocktail recipes that can surprise and impress your guests.

Grandma Hystad’s Recipes, Bar Mixes, Tips, and Warnings

The Candadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a public warning urging not to drink “Bolthouse Farms Carrot juice”, “Earthbound Farms Organic Carrot Juice” and “Presdent’s Choice Organics Pure Carrot Juice” due to serious botulism concerns. Warning issued October 11, 2006.

Riedel Wineglasses: The Science Inside

We’ve all heard that wineglasses can change the flavor of wine. This article discusses the science behind this seemingly magical occurrence.

Be Healthy – Drink Wine!

Is drinking wine good for you? Are some wines better than others? How much should you drink?

Wine Labels Decoded

Even for the avid wine drinker, deciding on a bottle of wine can be a daunting task with so many varieties of wine on the market today. Wine labels don’t help either with the various terms in foreign languages and the small print.

Dressing Up Champagne

Perfect for a brunch, holiday celebration, or a night on the town, champagne is a timeless beverage that possesses class and style. Although perfect on its own in a tall crystal glass, you may want to consider dressing up your bubbly a bit, and serving some delectable champagne cocktails.

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