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Some time on one of my favorite wine industries in the U.S.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a technique that takes some practice and skill to master. Obviously, wine tasting is the most important activity that goes along with writing a wine review and scoring a wine.

Residential Wine Cellars

Wine has become a popular beverage with many Americans, and is sold almost everywhere. This is because it is studied consistently for its wide variety in taste, depending on where it’s produced, and it can be an important part of a meal, since it is known to enhance the taste of certain foods. Thus, residential wine cellars allow a homeowner the space to store their favorite wines and/or build an impressive collection of vintages.

Accessorizing Your Home Bar

Bar accessories help to elevate the drinking experience. When hosting parties, sophistication is key. By having a wide range of accessories, all guests are satisfied. For the wine drinker in your life to the hard liquor lover, the variety of wine and bar accessories available will satisfy any drinker.

2003 Scarecrow Cabernet the Next Blockbuster From California – 99 pts

Since the initial surge of hot collector wines from California in the early 90’s the cult wine marketplace has been quiet. Just in time for autumn comes the blockbuster 2003 Scarecrow Cabernet made from the historic J J Cohn Estate. This near perfect wine reminds me of Dalla Valle Maya with an extra special twist. Collectors should get on their mailing list before its too late.

Frost Bite – Ice Wine is More Than Just Frozen Grapes

One of the most rapidly growing trends in the world of wine seems to be with the rise in popularity of ice wines (or eiswein in German). This is interesting because these wines have been around for almost 200 years yet have not had much time in the spotlight until recent history.

Elegant White Wines of California

California produces more wine than any other state in the US. California vineyards are collectively trending towards growing more red grapes, and thus producing more red wine varieties. This means that elegant white wines of California will be slightly harder to find as time goes on. However, the demand for elegant white wines of California will probably never diminish, so they are likely to stay on your store shelves for many years to come.

The Wine of Israel and Wine in Biblical Times

Israel is not a country known specifically for wine. However, over the past few decades the citizens of Israel have been hard at work, hoping to make their wine the taste of a nation.

All About French Wines

Although France is not the world’s biggest producer of wine, it produces the most amount of wine by value. Many connoisseurs consider French wines to be superior to all other wines in the world. There are ten wine-making regions that produce French wines — Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Languedoc-Roussillon, the Loire Valley, Provence, Corsica, the South West, and the Cotes du Rhone.

Types of Wine

There are two fundamental types of wine based on grape color — red (from red or black grapes) and white (from white grapes). Grapes of these different colors can have hundreds of varieties, which is why types of wine are so numerous on store shelves. Consumers are the most familiar with names given to the different varieties of grapes. The grape variety is the most important factor in how the wine will taste.

Wines of the World

Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world, and is produced in almost every country in the world in some form. The bulk of Wines of the world come from Europe, due to the mild climate that favors high-quality grapes.

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