Winecast: Glassware

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Having a look at the evidence and the hype surrounding wine glasses and how many different kinds you need. Here are some links I mentioned in the cast:

The Untold Story of Wine and Spirits Glass Evolution, Part I.

Does the Shape of a Drinking Receptacle Influence Taste/Flavour Perception.

The article from The World of Fine Wine by Charles Spence is available by subscription only so I can’t link to it.

The Proper Servicing of Wine

The Proper service of wine starts as soon as you bring it home. How you handle it, store it, open, and pour it is all part of service protocol. This article focuses on everything you should know about how to properly store and serve wine.

The Art of Tasting Wine

The etiquette in wine tasting exists because taste is entirely affected by smell therefore the wine tasting ritual is integral to the overall experience of the wine. This should not be cause for intimidation but rather reason for experimentation.

Are You Ready For That Trendy Barware?

Your bar deserves the same attention to your décor as any other room would. And since your bar is a place to relax and unwind are you ready for that trendy barware that will help set the mood? 1.

White Wine’s Influence on the Lungs

We always knew red wine was good for you, but here comes white climbing a health filled ladder. While red wine is known for being good for the heart, white has recently been found to greatly aid the function of the lungs.

The Thrill Of Wine Tasting In Paris

If you are a wine lover and you love to travel as well then you should know about the opportunity to travel to France for some of the most prestigious wine tasting events in the world.

Making Your Own Beer

Step by step procedures for making your own beer.

Lodi Wine Country

Get ready to explore the wineries of the Lodi Wine Country. Known for their wonderful Zinfandel, Lodi wineries produce many great wines. The tasting rooms are friendly, uncrowded, and usually there is no charge for wine tasting.

Raspberry Martini

Discover what truly lies beneath the sweetness of the Raspberry Martini and let Marjie Martini share her favorite martini recipes with you!

Avoiding a Wine Hangover

Hangovers are part of life, particularly for those who like to party. But, with a few precautions, wine drinkers can have their cake and eat it too.

Making Red, Rose and Sparkling Wines

As touched upon in the preceding article, “Making White Wine, a Labour of Love” making wine is a very time consuming and difficult job. Timing must be perfect as does combinations of ingredients. The same goes for all other types of wine: red, rose and sparkling.

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