Winecast: Fiano

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Another relatively little known Italian grape that deserves more attention and more consumption.

Wine Storage Systems

Generally, many people store wine because of its investment value. During the last few years, the value of wine, which is purchased young and properly stored, has appreciated several times over. With the popularity of wine increasing, growth in this trend is expected to continue. Also, several people work on a kind of a rotation system, storing wine for their own utilization in the future. The best system is to buy fine wines when available and store them properly until they fully mature.

Bartending – Creepy Halloween Cocktails

Special holidays need special drinks. What cocktails are you going to prepare to amaze your guests on Halloween? Well, we’ve got a “top five” answer for you.

Wine Tasting Kits

For wine lovers, the best part about having many wineries around is wine tasting. You can enjoy the best variants of wines in one or two visits to these wineries’ tasting parties; some even for free. Aside from such wine makers, there are also many hotels and restaurants that hold wine tasting events where you can have a sip of some of the world’s most famous wines. Your wine tasting adventures, however, will be more exciting and fruitful with wine tasting kits.

International Wine Clubs

International wine clubs are close-knit groups of people who buy and sell and trade and just talk about wine with each other. They share wine tips and have fun. International wine clubs offer exclusive benefits for their members. Wine clubs give members various benefits such as two choices of premium wines delivered right to your doorstep monthly. It comes with wine tasting notes written by wine experts as well as recommended food pairings and recipes.

The Basics of Cooking with Wine

Cooking can get old, standing over a pot and waiting for it to boil. But, cooking with wine often adds some zest and flavor to the monotony of just regular old cooking, whether you actually put wine into the meal or just put it down your throat.

Wine Storage Cabinets

The construction of a wine cabinet is often the most overlooked aspect in building a good wine collection, though it is of great importance. The purpose of a wine cabinet is simply to prevent fine wines from spoiling due to environment fluctuations resulting due to temperature, sunlight and vibrations. Storing fine wine allows it to develop its full flavor over the years, and as a result, the value of the wine increases.

Wine Making Clubs

There are so many different wine clubs that an interested person should look around to find the right wine club suited for their lifestyle and preferences. By exploring new wines and opening their palates to exciting wine adventures, learning about wines is both fun and easy.

Open A Beer And Enjoy

Have you ever thought how many of our senses cooperate when we decide to consume a cooling bottle of beer? Well, just consider that we touch the cold bottle from the fridge or over the bar counter.

Juan Gil — Monastrell — Jumilla, Spain

Juan Gil’s wines are mainly made with Monastrell (Mourvedre), as it is known in south-eastern Spain. Jumilla is the most important growing area of this variety in the world. Monastrell has been grown for some centuries and is perfectly suited to the prevailing conditions in this region even in periods of drought.

The Basics Of Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is an assessment of a wine’s quality. It’s not just about taste but also covers aroma, color, the way it feels in one’s mouth and how long the wine persists in the mouth after tasting. Wine tasting is also one way to determine the maturity of the wine and whether it is suitable for aging or for immediate drinking. Its purpose it to discover the key facets of the wine in order to appreciate it better in every sense of the word.

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