Winecast: Counoise & Cinsaut

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They’re known as the two minor Cs of the Rhône Valley, but there’s much more going on with them.

The New Wine Label Phenomenon

The wine business is becoming increasingly competitive, so wineries are spending more time and effort on their wine labels. They have also realized that fun and creative labels sell more wine.

Giving the Gift of Wine

Because there are a variety of ways wine can be given, it is simply one of the easiest gifts to give and an even easier one to receive. When giving wine, there’s no need to keep the receipt.

Wine Tasting Kits and Caboodles

Wine tasting kits are a great way to experiment with a variety of types of wine, giving you the opportunity to find a vintage that appeases all your senses.

Rioja Wines

Rioja is a region in Northern Spain with a long, glorious viticultural history. Rioja wine, especially the red, has been well known for centuries.

How To Make The Perfect Wine Choice For Your Meal

There are some rules that do need to be taken into consideration, such as red wines going with beef, and white wines going with fish, chicken, and seafood. Just make sure you choose the best wine you can afford, mainly because they are usually higher quality and provide much more variety when it comes to aroma and flavor.

Wine Storage – The Major Considerations For Proper Wine Storage Are Temperature, Humidty And Darknes

After visiting the wine tasting country in California, many wine lovers want to extend the experience by taking large quantities of wine home. The problem is finding the ideal place for wine storage.

What to Do with Leftover Wine

Figuring out what to with leftover wine can be a bit of a challnge. But, stopping short of giving an opened bottle mouth to mouth, there are several ways to save wine and keep it from spoiling too soon.

Wine Openers: And the Cork Comes Off

A bottle of wine isn’t designed for easy access. Instead, it’s designed to keep the wine inside fresh, protected from air. Because of this, those of us who love wine are also forced to love wine openers.

Wine Cork Recycling

Wine corks are among the most enviromentally friendly of corks. This makes recycling them easy, and effective, giving people another excuse to drink away.

How to Comply with the New Wine to Go Laws

There has been much talk and even more confusion recently about the wine-to-go-laws enacted across the nation. These laws have also been referred to as: cork ‘n carry laws, merlot to go laws, wine doggie bag bills, pinot to go laws, and re-corking policies, just to name a few. No wonder ever one is confused! What exactly do restaurant owners who sell wine know about the law and what are they doing to comply?

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