Winecast: Côte de Nuits Miscellaneous Information Supplement

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A few odds and ends related to the Côte de Nuits. I hope you find them interesting.

Wine History – When the Cork Met the Bottle

The role of the Church in the production and marketing of wine declined with the Reformation, particularly in northern Europe, but this did not convulse the wine world half as much as the discovery of the usefulness of corks about a century later. For the first time since the Roman empire, wine could now be stored and aged in bottles.

Enhance Your Decor With a Wrought Iron Wine Rack

Wrought iron wine racks are sturdy, look great and can be crafted into work of arts in hands of a master. The wrought iron racks are offered in a vast price range as well.

Wine Knowledge for Getting Started when Pairing Wine and Food…

A short article explaining the fun of pairing wine with food. This article talks about taking the confusing parts out of choosing wines.

Tips for Finding Wines You Like and Pairing with Food…

This article explains what to do when looking for a wine. It also discusses how to pair wines with different foods.

A Guide to Buying Australian Wine

In Australia, wine has become the new beverage of choice for people in all walks of life. Moreover, Australia has developed an enviable reputation amongst wine drinkers and appreciators the world over

St. Hubertus Estate Winery (Kelowna)

Located on a bend in Chute Lake Road along Okanagan Lake is St. Hubertus Estate Winery, a charming hillside site with a recently unfortunate history. The original winery buildings, dating back to the early 19th century burned to the ground in the Okanagan Mountain Park fire of August, 2003. All is rebuilt, however, and the only reminders of the fire are the displays and pictures that catalogue the winery’s destruction, as well as some wines named for the fire (Fireman’s Red, Glowing Amber Chardonnay).

Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards

Formerly LaCompte Estate Winery, Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards sit atop Hawthorne Mountain, and from a distance it almost looks as though the rows of plants could slide right off of it. This is one of the highest altitude wineries in Canada and is more of a destination winery as it requires a bit of a deviation from the beaten path.

Whisk It All Out! – An Overall Guide to Whiskey

Unless you’re one of the few nice people around who hasn’t even savored a drop of liquor in their whole lives, chances are that you’re at least marginally familiar of the drink whiskey.

Wine 101

Tasting wine is often a daunting process. One of the easiest things to do is decide whether you like a wine or not. One of the hardest things to do is to describe it.

You Can Now Buy California Wine Online Direct From The Wineries & Vineyards

California Wines are one of the oldest and prestigious genres of wine. Californian wines have a great impact in the American wine market.Wine lovers across the world have a great crush on Californian wine. Previously the wine spectators used to purchase wines from the retailer or dealers, not from the wineries directly. They had to request their relatives out there in California for purchasing the California wines.

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