Winecast: Corsican Wine

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Trying to fill any gaps I have left in France; so, hitting an interesting and under-appreciated island region.

Champagne Prices

The price of champagne is a common consideration among buyers. Some branded champagnes are very expensive. This is why a number of people are looking for alternatives to such costly vintage.

Champagne Recipes

What is it to cook a meal or make a cocktail recipe with a dash of a little effervescence around to create that bubbly entertaining look around your glass, while your drink adding the ingredient Champagne needs to sense that strong affluent showoff attraction if you are a male and should be made sizzling sparkle if you are a female. For one and many need not make a guess that Champagne is just the right drink for your parties, celebrations and New Year blast. You can use this wine all year around to add to a drink or roll over drinking all nightlong Thanks to human hands and creation now you can create Mumma Mia champagne recipes in your Mama’s kitchen. You can train your cook or just ask the bartender to do the needful.

Wine Classes: When School Gets Cool

In the past, you may have gotten in trouble for drinking wine during school. But, through a wine class, you can raise your glass in a toast to academia.

Wine Gift Baskets – The Perfect Gift if Done Right

As a housewarming gift, or holiday offering, wine gift baskets make a great gift. There’s so much more to wine consumption than a bottle of wine resting in a basket of raffia, however.

Wine Tasting Ritual De-Mythed: How to Test Wine in a Restaurant

Selecting the wine for your entire table to drink is hard enough. Testing the wine to be sure it’s good is one of the most intimidating wine drinking experiences you may ever encounter. Here’s how to pull it off like a pro.

Eggnog, Wassail, Hot Wine — Oh My!

The genial host grandly sets down a huge bowl of Christmas cheer on the table near the fire. What is this? If it is eggnog, then we are celebrating the holiday party-filled days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. When thinking about eggnog on a cold winter night, we should always remember the joys of wassail and hot mulled wine, as well as their companion, hot hard cider. Reaching back in history to about 1775, eggnog enjoyed popularity on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, from England to America.

The Fountain of Youth

Forever young is something that everyone seeks to be. We dye our hair, get plastic surgery, even lie about our age. While being forever young isn’t possible, being younger a little bit longer is highly likely. This can be done through the consumption of red wine.

Why Beer May Be Good For You

Good news for beer drinkers, studies show that drinking this beverage in moderation may have certain health benefits.

Foggy Wine Glasses Are Not The End Of The World!

Perhaps one of the most troubling problems which usually occurs that takes the enjoyment out of having a glass of wine is when even though your glasses are clean, look very foggy. We have all encountered it at one time or another and probably all can agree that there is something detracting about a foggy wine glass. Before you decide to throw out your glasses or invest in a set of inexpensive ones with the thought that fogging is inevitable so you might as well be ready to throw them away when the time comes, there are a few things that you can do to prevent fogging and bring back the glorious sparkle and shine to foggy glasses that you remember from when they were first purchased.

Understanding Online Wine Buying Regulations and How To Order Wine Online

In our continuing effort to provide online wine consumer education, included in this segment is a break down of different wine shipping state classifications. We also have included wine delivery tips to ensure your bottle arrives as if it came right from the warehouse.

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