Winecast: Chablis

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Digging deeper into Chablis.

Virginia: Wine Country to Rival California

Although California is most popularly known for its good wine, Virginia also has a fantastic wine country. A state of mountains and valleys, Virginia has the perfect climate for grape and wine production.

How to Properly Store Your Leftover Wine

How do you preserve an open bottle of wine when you don’t want to (or can’t) drink the whole thing in one sitting? There are only four reliable methods of preserving the remaining wine, some more reliable than others. Learn the pros and cons of each method in this informative article.

Wine Tasting – The Art of Grading Wine

A degree in Oenology, the science of winemaking, is not required in order to understand the art of wine tasting. One need not be confused by the terminology used by professional wine tasters such as: clarity, bouquet, earthly, open, crisp or nostalgic. All that is required is to tune your senses and to become familiar with various definitions on well-known words.

Sherry – Spanish Sunshine in a Bottle! (part 2 – Vineyards, Grapes & Vintage)

Sherry, the wine of sunny southern Spain. Read about the vineyards, the kinds of grapes and about the Vintage month. Be an expert on this lovely wine!

Ruster Ausbruch: the Specialty Dessert Wine from Austria

Ruster Ausbruch is an exquisite and rare dessert wine which can only be made in Austria. It is comparable to Ice Wine, Sauternes, and other styles of sweet dessert wine, and yet adheres to very strict production methods that make it stand above and apart.

Wine – A Special Drink For Special Occasions

Wine is not a simple alcoholic drink: it is an art!

Sherry – Spanish Sunshine in a Bottle! (part 1 – Introduction & Regions)

Spanish Sunshine – Bottled. That is Sherry, Spain’s famous fortified wine. This is the first part of a series on this delightful drink. Learn where it is made and how the grapes are crushed. Are the grape crushers feet bare, or is it just a myth from a movie? Find out in this series!

Wine Manufacturing Process

Wine is a product made from fruits like grapes, berries etc by drying them and later fermenting them. When the grapes ferment the sugar in the grapes convert to alcohol. They are available in various colors and textures depending upon the elements present in them.

What is True Ice Wine?

The history and production method of true ice wine: a dessert wine crafted from grapes which have frozen on the vine.

Tartaric Crystals in Wine: the “Wine Diamonds” of Quality

Tartaric Crystals, also known as Wine Diamonds or Wine Stones, are those white flakes you sometimes find floating in a fine bottle of wine. So what are they? Do they mean the wine is flawed? In fact, the opposite is true!

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