Winecast: California Wine

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Puttin’ it down for California during a very bad time. Please check out the article linked below with some suggestions about what you can do to help out:

Explore the U.S. Wine Trails

Hit the Wine Trails! One way of discovering local wineries is to take a day, or weekend trip and visit several of them along a “Wine Trail”. Because of the conditions needed to grow and harvest good grapes, many wineries are often clustered together along a very scenic “wine trail.” Every state in the U.S. has a Wine Trail. Following a trail can be very informative, educational and relaxing, as you learn about wine-making and taste many of the different wines the wineries produce. A terrific way to support the small local wineries and have fun at the same time.

Wine Tasting — The Traditional Way

Wine tasting is properly known as ‘Wine Degustation’. It is the art of being able to note the various differences between difference types of wine, and even the various differences between the vintages of the same type of wine.

If You Plan On Drinking, Do These Critical Things Before You Leave The House

We often have a drink or two at a restaurant or party, then drive home later. Knowing exactly what to do before you leave the house could mean the difference between getting home safely without incident, and spending the night in jail.

The Jinn in the Phial Can Get to Your Head

To a teenager alcohol is a symbol of liberation, a sign of revolt, a freedom from control, frustration and anguish. But does social drinking, remain just that?

Using Bargain Wines to Your Advantage

Using bargain wines is often preferable for occasions when it would be unwise to to invest a large amount of money in expensive wine…

How to Store Wine

The main issue when it comes to storing wine is that it needs to be maintained at a cool temperature of between…

Guide To Buying Wine Glasses

Everyone loves drinking wine these days, and drinking wine in a quality wine glass can have a positive effect on the taste.

The Complete Guide to Corkscrews

The corkscrew was an invention that became a necessity when glass wine bottles became the main way of storage. These airtight bottles allowed for wine to age properly.

Absinthe Makes The Brain Numb Faster

What exactly is the mysterious drink known as Absinthe? And why has it been the prefered drink of Artesians and Bohemians alike?

Sherry is a Very English Drink

Sherry – the history, how and where its made, and interesting facts and figures.

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