Winecast: Austrian Wine, Part II

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Part II on Austria focuses on wine law, specifically the classifications that are out there beyond Qualitätswein.

Make Your Own Irish Cream Liqueur

Irish Cream Liqueur is easy to make, yet it’s impressive to serve at dinner parties or to give as a holiday gift.

Sbiten – Russia’s Traditional Winter-time Beverage

Sbiten, the traditional Russian winter-time beverage, is the perfect gift for holiday giving.

Cava – Spain’s Answer to Champagne

After having emerged from the shadows of its French cousin Champagne, Cava is now an important force in the world of sparkling wine. Here we chart its rise and the processes involved in its creation…

Oakville Wine Country

To the wine connoisseur, Oakville is synonymous with the magnificence and the majesty of California Cabernet Sauvignon. But for those of us who do not spend our waking hours tasting wine and researching viticulture philosophies, Oakville is just another region in the Napa Valley. To the untrained eye, Oakville is a sleepy town on Highway 29, but it has become California’s epicenter for Cabernet production.

Rutherford Wine Country

The Napa Valley is world renowned for producing award winning wines. Because of its unique geography, Napa County is split up into specific regions, denoted by the term AVA (American Viticulture Area). In 1850, Thomas Rutherford recognized the subtleties of an unproven plot of land that resembled Bordeaux. He subsequently planted the first vines in what was destined to become the Rutherford AVA. Rutherford’s storied history has laid the foundations for the Napa Valley to become a world leader in wine production.

Choosing The Right Cheeses To Go With Your Oregon Wine

Oregon wine is a treat for the senses. Your taste buds will sing and your nose will dance with delight as you sip from the golden cup that is Oregon wine. And if you are a little peckish you should have some cheese to go with your fabulous Oregon wine, but what kind?

The History Of Italian Wine

You can find expensive Italian wine and not so expensive Italian wine and they are both as delicious as the other. It is pretty hard to go wrong with Italian wine, as they are all pretty much near perfect. The history of Italian wine is a history that is fascinating to say the least.

The Taste Of Something Different – Strawberry Wine

Strawberry wine is one of those delicious treats that can be used in so many different ways. Strawberry wine is not simply any old wine, it is like the nectar of the gods.

A Trip to France

If you’re planning to travel to the south of France in the near future, think about including a trip to one of the vineyards of the 60 winegrowers in the “Cotes de Provence” region. A small, yet beautiful area, it takes in the departments of the Var and part of the Bouches-du-Rhone.

Wine Tasting in Yountville

The Napa Valley is world renowned for its food and wine. Boasting some of the best wineries and restaurants in America, tourists flock to the Napa Valley to experience its rustic elegance. Among the small towns that comprise the valley, Yountville is quickly gaining the reputation as one of the premier destinations.

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