Wine Tasting with Dini – Pouilly Fumé

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Join a LIVE wine tasting with wine expert Dini Rao who will guide you through tasting Pouilly Fumé – a Sauvignon Blanc, white wine from the Loire Valley of France. You will enjoy tasting wine with a sommelier and true wine lover!

Sommelier and wine expert Dini Rao will give you a taste of the delights of Pouilly-Fumé wine. She will teach you about the Pouilly Fume region in the Loire Valley and the famous wines there. She will teach you proper Pouilly Fume pronunciation. If you’ve been wanting to hear Pouilly Fume wine pronunciation and how to pronounce classic French wine names, watch this wine video. This is one of those virtual wine tastings you won’t forget!

After the tasting, Dini does a Q&A on wine to answer questions about chilling wine quickly, how to decant wine, what are good travel wine regions, food and wine pairings and more!

If you want to learn more about how to taste wine,

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