Wine Storage Mistakes – The Califonia Wine Club

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The California Wine Club talks about Wine Storage Mistakes!

Making Wine At Home For Beginners

Ever thought about making your own wine right at home? Why not? The entire process might look and sound hard, but it is actually something anyone can learn to do and master in no time at all.

The Calories in Alcoholic Beverages

It is very important that those who calculate the number of calories they introduce in their body every day take into consideration the number of calories they gain when they start drinking alcoholic beverages. These drinks can really mess up your diet, so you should know how they affect it and you. Alcohol is normally just a source of empty calories, which means that it does not have any nutritional value apart from the fact that it makes you more energetic.

Self-Contained Vs Split System Wine Cooling Units

There are basically two different styles of wine cooling units; self-contained and split-system. As the name suggests self-contained units are one piece with both the evaporator and the condenser all in one while with a split system the evaporator is installed in the wine cellar and the condenser mounted (usually) on an outside wall. Each type has it’s advantages which are described in this article.

The Mythical Origins of Martini

The Martini is one of the world’s most popular cocktails. Like other mixtures its origins are unknown. But there are many conflicting and amusing stories about its origins.

Using the Right Soil to Grow Grape Vines

How to grow grape vines in the right soil explain how to test your soil for PH, fertilizer, conditions, environment, nutrients. All the essentials to have the best soil ready to grow grapes.

How To Make Coconut Wine or The Process of Making Tuba Wine

In the northern part of the Philippines, coconut wine or tuba is referred to as Lambanog. It is made of pure sap (no bark mixed), milky white in color or almost colorless. It is usually consumed fresh as it easily turns sour. Some are distilled to make a harder and more potent alcoholic drink. In Visayas Islands, particularly in Leyte, tuba or coconut wine is made of coconut sap mixed with Barok (The bark of a red mangrove tree, and according to Wikipedia a red lauan tan bark tree) which serves as colorant and preservative that offset fermentation.

Buy Wine Online – 5 Top Tips When Buying Wine On The Internet

The internet is not just for buying electronic goods and media. Have you ever considered buying your wine online? Here are 5 top tips to help you get started.

Running A Successful Wine Business

Wine has long been a part of many special occasions. Most people would want to add more merry-making and gaiety to an event by making sure that wine is served for all to enjoy. Others see to it that wine is used to enhance food flavor, and use specific flavors for various recipes. For a few of avid coffee fans, this flavorful drink can also be mixed in for a stronger and more savory treat. For whatever reason people make use of a good wine, satisfaction is evidently guaranteed in the end. No matter the cost, some wine lovers pursue in purchasing only the best and most famous ones available.

Beer Ingredients – Water, Malt, Hops And Yeast

Beer is the world’s most popular alcoholic drink. Did you know that it only has four ingredients? Meet them and find out how they affect the taste of beer!

What You Must Know About Dessert Wine Glasses

When I use the phrase ‘dessert wine glasses’ some people seem to have the idea that I’m jamming a cake down a glass. This couldn’t be further from the truth because regardless of the name they have literally nothing to do with dessert. The only context I can draw from the name is that they’re glasses designed for sweet liquors and so perhaps the ‘dessert’ is referring to the aforementioned liquors.

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