Wine School: What You Need to Know About Rosé!

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Today I’m talking about my favorite wine to pair with food: rosé! Rosé is perfect with food because it tastes like a red wine but drinks like a white, making it light enough for many dishes that red wines would overwhelm. You can find rosé wine from all over the world, but one of my favorite regions is Tavel in the Rhone Valley, France.

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Matching Food and Wine Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

The truth is that there are very few rules to follow when pairing food and wine, and even those have exceptions. When deciding which fruit of the vine to serve with your meal, the important thing to remember is that this should be an enjoyable experience.

Quality Riesling Spatlese Wine Has Fascinating Roots

The 2005 Gunderloch Estate Riesling Spatlese (late harvest) wine is certainly worth buying and appreciating not only because of its undoubted class but the interesting story of its early beginnings. Gunderloch Estate formed in 1890 by a banker named Carl Gunderloch who purchased the “Gunderloch” manor house in Nackenheim, Germany. The roots of this Riesling wine begin with the story of Carl Gunderloch who it is believed used to trek from Gundersblum, the town where he was born situated on the left bank of the Rhine approximately 25 km south, to his bank in Mainz.

Wine Trails – The Perfect Weekend Getaway

If you’re looking for a unique weekend getaway, complete with beautiful lush scenery, rolling hills, and wine tasting, consider traversing one of the many U.S. wine trails. Did you know that each of the 50 states now has at least one active winery? In fact, many wineries are clustered together in certain geographical areas conducive to grape growing and wine making. Let’s explore some of the unique and inviting wine trails …

Wine Travel – Arkansas Wine Country

Over 135 years ago, German and Swiss immigrants settled into the beautiful Ozark mountain area of northwestern Arkansas where the rolling mountains and valley scenery offered a reminder of home. The contrast of mountains and valleys proved to be a perfect subclimate for grape growing, and now, wine making is an important and revered tradition in Arkansas Wine Country. Let’s take a closer look …

Sparkling Wines A Bubbly Addition to Any Party

All sparkling wine is made by adding carbon dioxide to wine, causing the formation of bubbles similar to those in carbonated soft drinks. The carbon dioxide is either naturally occurring due to special fermentation methods or injected artificially.

Dessert Wines Are The Perfect Way to End Your Meal

Dessert wines are very sweet, and are typically much thicker and richer than table wines. The servings of dessert wines are much smaller than table wines.

Wine Travel – America’s First Wine Country

America’s rich tradition of wine making began in earnest in the 1800’s, when European immigrants brought their skills to various unexplored areas of the country. A few decades before California and other west coast wine producing states were settled, many eastern and midwestern states had thriving wine industries. One area in particular is often called America’s first wine country. Let’s explore …

Wine for Everyone

You don’t have to be a billionaire to appreciate and enjoy fine wine! Appreciating fine wine can be intimidating at first. With the weak dollar and the world popularity of wine skyrocketing, it seems like wine is becoming more and more inaccessible. Well nothing could be further from the truth! Here are a few tips about some regions and types of wines that are capable of greatness and which so far can still be found at prices that mere mortals can afford.

Demystifying Wine Storage

Wine can be enjoyed even if you do not have a lot of space for wine storage. Many people make do with a small corner of their kitchen, and still others simply buy a bottle or two at a time as they are needed.

Home Wine Cellars – What Is The Best Wine Cellar Design?

Many wine enthusiasts are now interested in constructing their own home wine cellars. Thanks to the wide variety of available materials and accessories, it really isn’t difficult. However, you need to be sure that you use a proper wine cellar design, in order to ensure that your wine is being stored properly. As wine is stored, you need to control that aging process by storing your wine in a suitably designed place.

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