Wine School: Chardonnay for Beginners

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Today we’re learning about Chardonnay!

There are many styles of Chardonnay because it is a very versatile grape variety. It’s hometown is Burgundy, France, but Chardonnay is grown all over the world and therefore you’ll find it pretty much anywhere that wine is made. Check out the video for all the details of the Chardonnay grape!

Grapes of the World – Part 2

Do you know where your wine comes from? This article is the second in a three-part series that discusses the many varieties of grapes used to produce wine.

Grapes of the World – Part 3

Do you know where your wine comes from? This article is the third in a three-part series that discusses the many varieties of grapes used to produce wine.

Why Not Try Some English Wines?

Many people who love wine are typically surprised when one starts to talk about English wines as being not just drinkable, but actually some of the better wines available. After all, good winemaking relies heavily on a particular climate so as to grow the best grapes possible, and England is not usually known for its desirable climate.

Exploring Greek Wines

If you’ve never heard of Greek wines, you must not be a real wine lover or historian. While there are many countries today that produce wines that are more popular and perhaps more appreciated, it’s thought that winemaking actually originated with the Greeks thousands and thousands of years ago. At that time, wines from Greece were produced in individual homes right along with everything else that was considered everyday foods, including bread, butter, cheese, meat dishes, and so on.

Enjoying Some Spanish Wine

Did you know that Spain is the third largest producer of wine in the world, just behind France and Italy? There’s a reason for its popularity, as Spanish wines are typically considered some of the best in the world. Just why is that; what is the secret to this country being able to produce such wonderful wines and in such quantities, especially considering just how tiny of a country it is in the first place?

The History of Russian Wines

First off, remember that there is a difference between Russia and the Soviet Union, a fact that many people from outside of that area often forget, thinking that they’re the same thing. In reality, the regulation of the making of Russian wines has had its own ups and downs, following the history of Russia’s being a part of the Soviet Union.

Greek Wines

Few examples of old Greek wine can be found in Greece today because storage conditions in most house cellars do not allow extended bottle-ageing. Outside Greece it is much easier to cross paths with older vintages, but the majority are way past their prime-some are fit only for use in veal or game marinades.

The Best Wine Racks And Storage Options

Wine racks and storage options come in many different styles and budgets. Wine racks are available in a wide assortment of materials, sizes and styles. Wine rack placement is an issue.

Where And How To Store Wine

Wine begins to spoil the moment it is opened. While short term exposure to oxygen or ‘breathing the wine’ can open the aromas and flavors of various red wines, any contact with oxygen before opening a bottle and its all over, down the sink.

Learning About Turkish Wines

It is probably a rare wine drinker that walks into a fancy restaurant and tells the wine steward, “Bring me some of your finest Turkish wines.” The country of Turkey is not typically known as being a producer of fine wines and isn’t always given the respect and regard that it deserves because of its wine production. However, once you start to learn a little bit about wines from Turkey, you may find that indeed it would be good if your favorite restaurant began serving this choice!

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