Wine Reviews – Wines Under $20 – 2019 Domaine de Fontsainte Gris de Gris

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This is a little wine review of 2019 Domaine de Fontsainte Rose Imported by the lovely Kermit Lynch. Enjoy and please subscribe for more of our wine content here at Magictime!

Home Brewers Yeast – Liquid or Dry?

The homebrewer has two types of yeast to choose from; liquid yeasts or dry yeasts. For some this argument is similar to a “taste-great less filling” debate or “Ford versus Chevy” discussion. Good beer can be made from both dry and liquid yeast and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Exploring The Tastes of Beer – Using Extracts

Once you have mastered regular beer brewing you may want to branch out and explore other beer tastes. You can easily use extracts to add special flavors to your next batch of beer. These specialty beers can be fun and interesting to make and taste. When experimenting with beer recipes be sure that you always write down your exact measurements for each particular batch. That way you can be sure to duplicate it exactly if it turns out well.

Wine Food Pairing – Weinbau in Gumpoldskirchen!

Wine Food Pairing…… Weinbau in Gumpoldskirchen! Terrific wines made right on the premises and a tasty selection of cheeses ranging from dry Swiss to a “stinky” gorgonzola….

Searching For Information on Beer Making – The Power Of The Internet

There is a lot of information available about beer making. With the onset of the computer age, the Internet offers an almost endless source of information. Utilize the Internet to find out everything you need to know, from how to brew beer at home to recipes and equipment.

Beer Making Kits

There are many pre-made beer-making kits available in the marketplace today. These are great for first time brewers as they provide all the materials you will need to brew your first batch of beer. If you are thinking about brewing more than a couple of batches, however, it may be best to put together your own kit. There are a lot of components needed for home brewing so a kit may be the best place to start. As you progress you may want to trade up for some better components.

Champagne – Enjoy Good Times

For many years, this exotic drink has been used as a way of celebration or to enjoy the good times that lie ahead. You probably want to know if champagne is a wine or a category all on its own.

Getting Screwed By Your Wine Closure?

With vintners using natural cork, synthetic cork and screwtops, how do you evaluate which is right for you? Is cork taint still a problem? Will the fancy opening pop disappear? Will you still need to always carry a corkscrew.

Basic Equipment to Start Brewing Beer

In order to begin brewing your own beer at home you will first need to have a taste for good beer. If you enjoy drinking Bud, Coors or Miller ad nausea you probably won’t care much for homebrew. However, if you have already acquired a taste for a variety of micro-brews and enjoy trying new and different beers then you are a prime candidate for brewing your own beer.

Throwing a Wine and Cheese Party

Are you looking at celebrating an event with your friends and family? If you are looking for a theme for your soiree (party) then one of the easiest themes to use is the wine and cheese party.

Wine Tasting Tips

One of the fastest ways to develop a knowledge base of wines you enjoy is to taste them. This can be a lot of fun. Go to your local wine & spirits store; gather up a bunch of bottles and head home for a night of tasting adventures.

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