Wine Reviews – Wines Under $20 – 2015 Joel Gott Grenache

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This is a value wine review of the 2015 Joel Gott ALAKAI Central Coast Grenache. In this video briefly talk about the vineyard sourcing, the oak regimen, and the value of this particular wine. Value wine review. Wine Under $20.

Sonoma County Wine Basics

Sonoma County, California produces some of the finest wines in the world. The soil, the climate, and the sun, combine to grow grapes that produce wines you will treasure. Learn more about the wines of Sonoma County here.

Does Guinness Really Taste Better In Dublin?

Perhaps fuelled by the rumour that Guinness tastes best in its country of origin, the Guinness brewery is the number one attraction in Ireland. Ireland is synonymous with Guinness, and many visitors to the country visit Dublin; not only to drink the famous stout, but also to visit where it is still made at the James’s Gate Brewery in the heart of Dublin.

Different Types Of Wine

There is a very large variety of different types of wine and in order to really enjoy your wine selection it is necessary to know more than what type of wine goes with red meat and what type of wine goes with fish. It is important to select the correct type of wine that will augment the flavor of the meal instead of clashing with it.

Port Wine Information

Port wines derives it name from the the city of Porto located in the Douro Valley in northern Portugal. Port wines are usually made from combination of up to five different grape varieties, Touriga Nacional, Tinto Cao, Tina Barroca, Tinta Rozi, and Touriga Fanacesas.

Pairing Wine and Food

It has almost been a constant puzzle for many people. What type of wine should I pair with what food? Many people seem to worry about not being able to provide the right wine that will complement the food being served at the dining table. Here are some simple tips that may help get the complexities out of your mind.

Food And Wine

If you have guests over for dinner and would like to serve more than one type of wine, it’s a good idea to serve first the lighter wine, before you offer the heavier full body wine. Also, the type of food you serve should be your guide in order to pair food and wine.

Online Champagne Delivery – Get Customised Service

It has become quite easy to send champagne to anywhere in the UK as there are online champagne delivery service provided by a number of agencies. Some service providers offer customised service and want their clients to precisely tell them whether they want the additional service or not.

Homebrewing Beer – To Keg Or Not to Keg?

Most home brew enthusiasts see having a home kegging system as a natural progression from novice to expert, much like going from extract to all-grain. However, even with all the positives of kegging your home made beer there are a few things you need to understand.

How to Taste Wine Like a Connoisseur

Tasting wine is an art with a distinct set of rules and etiquette. Learn how to “taste” wine properly here.

Reaping the Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

We all know that there are health benefits with drinking wine, red wine in particular. Red wine is the only type of wine that does actually have medical and health benefits so it is important to know more about this particular alcoholic drink and know the benefits that it provides.

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