Wine Reviews – Wines Under $20 – 2015 Bodegas Breca Grenache

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This is a value wine review of 2015 Bodegas Breca Grenache. Below is the link to Jorge Ordonez a really great importer of Spanish wines. Enjoy and please subscribe to the channel.

Red And White Wine – The Differences

Most people have tried various red wines and white wines and they still have no idea what differentiates both. If you have no clue, then this article will give you the factors to look for; apart from the color which is obvious. Red and white wines can either be dry or sweet or anywhere in between.

How To Grow Your Own Ingredients To Make Your Own Beer

There are two main beer-making ingredients that you can grow. Both hops and barley can be grown at home if you want.

Beer Making In Belgium Has Its Origins In The Middle Ages

Belgium beer is one of the most varied collections of beer in the world. Beer making in Belgium has its origins in the Middle Ages when monasteries produced beer. Belgian beer often has a higher alcohol content than other beers. This is due to a law that prohibited the sale of spirits in pubs, causing them to make beer with higher alcohol content so they would no longer be classified as spirits. The law was lifted in 1983; however, many breweries still produce beer with an alcohol content between 6% – 8%.

Beer In Different Countries

Beer is brewed in almost every country in the world. Each country produces its own special types of beer. The type of beer produced by a country is based on the type of ingredients it produces. All beers use similar recipes, using hops, barley, water, yeast and sugar. Malt is a process that is done to barley grain. Malted barley is often used to make beer because of its high enzyme content.

What Is All The Fuss Over Wine Glasses?

Beer drinkers or Whiskey drinkers will slug their drink of choice down in any glass that will hold it no matter what the name or shape. Have you ever wondered why the wine glass is so important to wine drinkers?

What is Mead? Dispelling the Myth About an Ancient Drink

When the word Mead is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is a group of Vikings sitting around a fire quaffing down large mugs of a rough and tough alcoholic beverage. This is the stigma that mead has endured for centuries and it is unwarranted. Mead is an extraordinarily delicate and delicious wine.

Winemaking – Answering The Yield Versus Age Question

Does yield give rise to better wine or is it the age of the grapes which is responsible? This article seems to answer the everlasting debate in a very decisive manner which most winemakers will be satisfied with.

5 Tips For Choosing a Chardonnay

Selecting a chardonnay is a fundamental challenge for any white wine drinker. We all know chardonnay, the undisputed champion of white wines. However, many of us would like to know a little bit more about the qualities and characteristics of chardonnay that would help us select this wonderful creation. This article will focus on 5 elements of chardonnay that will help in the selection and enjoyment process.

Hops Are The Main Ingredient For Making Beer

Hops are the main ingredient for making beer. There are a number of different varieties and blends that you can use. You will change the flavor of your beer by changing the varieties and blends of hops you put into it.

What To Look For On Wine Labels

Some people have favorite kinds of wine they always buy, but for many who want to try a new kind of wine, picking one can be very confusing.

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