Wine Reviews – Wines Under $20 – 2015 60 Souls Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

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This wine review is of the 2015 60 Souls Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

The Health Benefits of Red Wine

Both red and white wine have a positive effect on the digestive system in moderation – one glass of wine with your meal will probably be beneficial to you. Balance is the key!

Wine of the Month Clubs Help You Explore Unique New Wines

A wine of the month club is an organization that distributes wine to its members each month. People who enjoy tasting new and different wines join wine of the month clubs so they can experience new and unique wines they might not find on their own. Whether you enjoy an occasional glass of wine, or you are an experienced and knowledgeable wine connoisseur, you should join a wine of the month club.

Wine Tasting Kits Bring The Venue To Your Home

Wine tasting kits come in a wide range of varieties and allow everyone to experience wine tasting in a fun environment.

How Much Carbon Does Your Wine Use?

Using refillable bottles reduces the environmental impact of your everyday drinking wines. You can save money too!

Learning To Live With an Alcohol Allergy

Do you know of someone who can’t hold their liquor? Like in the movie ‘Back To The Future – Part III’ old Doc Brown couldn’t hold his liquor. Learn more about alcohol allergy and how to determine if you are allergic and how you can live with it.

Vintage Wine – What’s it All About?

Vintage, when it comes to wine, has a unique definition: it isn’t merely an old, classic bottle or one wearing a Guns and Roses hat and Van Halen (pre Sammy Hagar) shirt. In wine, vintage is defined as being made from a particular harvest or a specific crop. A 1989 vintage Riesling, for example, is made up of grapes from – you guessed it – 1989.

Wine Crunchies – Can You Eat Them?

What are those little things in my bottle of wine that look like tiny stones, crystals or even diamonds? The short answer is cream of tartar. Find out the rest of the story by reading the entire article.

Advice To Follow For Wine Tasting

Have you ever been to a wine tasting before? If not there are things to you should know.

Wine Reviews With Combined Opinions More Helpful

The trouble with wine reviews is that it is a very subjective subject so getting several different opinions is always wise. Many wine lovers view wine reviews much the same way as they consider movie reviews.

Classic Cocktails and Five Places To Love Them

When you think of a Manhattan I hope you are like me and it brings images of Ruby Keeler dancing her way to stardom while Dick Powell croons. I know I’m dating myself, but what the heck. In order to truly enjoy a real Manhattan of blended whiskey, dry and sweet vermouth and a touch of bitters, you need to know who they are.

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