Wine Review – 2012 Vidal-Fleury Chateauneuf-du-Pape

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A wine review of the 2012 Vidal-Fleury Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

Information about Winemaking and Yeast Nutrients

Yeast nutrients have a very special role to play in the winemaking process. This article examines the role that they play and explains what needs to be known about the entire process.

5 Keys to Cooking With Wine

Many of us have fond memories of the late Julia Child enthusiastically adding wine to many of her most popular dishes. Europeans, particularly the French and Italians, have been creating culinary masterpieces with wine for centuries. Americans, in recent times, have started adding wine to popular recipes. Achieving success cooking with wine is relatively easy, provided one follows some basic guidelines.

Have You Ever Heard Of Ice Wine, The Rarest of Rare Wines?

One of the rarest wines in the world is called ice wine. You will not find it in your local wine shop and you probably have never heard of it. True wine aficionados refer to ice wine as the ultimate dream for wine collectors but few will ever experience it for themselves.

Wine Food Pairing For The Best Dinner Party

If you’re looking to hold a dinner party, whether for your friends, family or coworkers, and you plan on having wine with dinner, you should pay attention to wine food pairing. Certain wines are excellent with certain foods. This is most often seen in fine restaurants where menus will have wine recommendations next to certain food items.

Do They Really Make Fine Quality Wine In Hungary?

Many people are unaware of the long history of wine tradition in Hungary. As this rich wine tradition is brought to light, more and more people are becoming aware of Hungarian wines. Many years of Communist control hid Hungarian wines from the world but with newly found freedom, the world is rediscovering the variety of wines produced in Hungary.

About Cold Duck

Cold duck was a popular party wine in the early 70’s. Read more about where this beverage comes from.

Wine Food Pairing In An Austrian Hotel Room

Austria has some terrific wines that can be purchased very reasonably and depending on the area of the country you are visiting, you may have opportunities to visit the actual winery and speak with the wine farmers! A favorite red wine made in Austria is Blaufrankisch. This is a medium to full bodied dry wine that is known for the tannins and pairs beautifully with a lot of the heavy foods that the Austrians are so famous for.

Three Perfect Autumn Wines

Napa is a stunningly beautiful place to spend the autumn season. Whether you call Napa your home or not, you can still enjoy the best wines the valley has to offer. This article goes on to list three top Napa Valley picks that go great with any autumn occasion.

Discount Wine Clubs – How to Enjoy a Great Glass of Wine on a Budget

Are you a connoisseur of fine wines? For some people there’s absolutely nothing like a superb glass of wine, in moderation of course. Wine can set the mood at a special occasion, such as the holiday season and is always a wonderful gift idea. You can purchase the gift of wine and even buy food and wine gift baskets. For those that like to always have an ample supply on hand and enjoy trying new wines, there are now companies that will ship…

Wines of the World

Every day thousands of gallons of wine is produced and sold all over the world. Italy, Germany, France, and all the way to the USA; wine is still one of the most popular beverages in the world. At every fine restaurant, on every anniversary and dinner date; the perfect bottle of wine is in some cases a must.

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