Wine Quiz – Wine Flashcards – Loire Valley

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This video contains a series of flashcards designed to help Sommeliers study for their Certified Exams with the Court of Master Sommeliers and also for their WSET tests. The subject contained in these flashcards is Loire Valley, France.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Wine

Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Each country in the world has its own way of making wine. It is an important drink during celebrations, events, rituals and celebrations throughout the world. Most health conscious people take wine for better digestion.

Celebrations Do Not Sparkle Without Champagne

Champagnes are sparkling wines originally hailed from the wine region of northeastern part of France. The area is highly recognized for its production of the finest champagnes sold in the market worldwide.

The Challenging World of Pinot Noir Wines

Pinot Noir may be the grape fruit known as the toughest to grow, yet certainly it is more than worthy of one’s investment. They are described as a difficult variety of grape, apart from being tricky to set to in the wineries.

Different Types of White Wine

There are several kinds of white wine. In America, the most well loved and fastest selling white wine is Chardonnay. Chardonnay grape is also a major contributor to the wine’s popularity. Chardonnay grape is low maintenance and can grow in almost any climate. This results in big harvests worldwide, translating to millions of bottles annually.

Characteristics of Vintage Wines

A vintage wine is made from grapes grown in a single specific year. It is accordingly dated to that particular year. Usually, this suggests that the wine is of fine quality. In another common but incorrect usage, a vintage wine is a term that is applied to wine that is quite old.

Distinguishing Different Types Of Wine Grapes

Grape fruits are the chief ingredient that makes the wine tastes the way it does. While there are considerable differences in the wine grapes produced from a sole grape variety, knowing that there is a certain kind of grape used allows you to determine the essential information with regards to the winemaker’s intention of producing wine grapes.

Wine Labels – Looking Beyond The Wine Content

There are a lot of wines available in the market. To know more about any of these varieties, brands and classes of wine, you should read the wine label.

Basic Wine Making Equipment

Wines are usually made in prestigious wineries. However, there are many people who make homemade wines both as a hobby and a small scale business. Here is a rundown of the most basic wine making equipment.

Wine Glasses – Hold Them Right, Use Them Right

It is essential to select a particular wine glass for a certain wine style, as the shape of wine glasses can considerably affect the wine’s perception. Used for drinking and tasting wine, the proper use of wine glasses is also an important part of cuisine etiquettes.

Wine Making Supplies

Wines are usually made in prestigious wineries all around the world. Presently however, there are many people who make homemade wines both as a hobby and a small scale business. Most enthusiasts have their own wine making supplies.

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