Wine Quiz – Wine Flashcards – Bordeaux

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This is a wine flashcard video designed to help those studying for their Certified Sommelier or WSET 3. It is specifically focused on questions about Bordeaux.

Wine Food Pairing – I’ll Have A Glass Of Zweigelt, Please!

Wine Food Pairing in Austria… or adventures in a heurigen! My Wine Food Pairing adventures have taken me to Austria on occasion, and is there anything more romantic than sitting in an Austrian wine house, known as a heurigen?

Wine Food Pairing Cork, Screw Top, Or?

Wine Food Pairings make most of us nervous just thinking about it, but wait, someone just threw a monkey wrench (or should I say corkscrew!) into the mix! Many wineries, in fact almost 90% of them in New Zealand have turned away from the prestigious cork to stopper up our favorite beverage and have turned instead to “screw” tops.

Grape Season Means Making Wine At Home

Learn how to make wine with a family in Ontario, Canada. They have made wine for many years, and every grape season, the ritual is repeated. They have a great time making wine as a family whether it be with grapes or other locally grown Ontario fruit. Wine making made simple!

Basics of Grapes

As a wine writer, I tend to write a lot about, that’s right, wine. From wine tasting to ordering wine in a restaurant, I’ve covered a plethora of wine related topics: yes, I’ve seen, and drank, it all. But, it occurred to me the other day that I haven’t given the heart of wine, the grape, its day in the sun. Turns out, I feel rather bad about this, especially when I see the solemn look on a grape’s face. After all, only writing about wines instead of the very thing that they come from may make a Merlot happy, but it leaves grapes crushed.

Toasting the Memory of Baron Elie de Rothschild

In the USA, there are the Rockefellers, the Kennedy’s, the Carnegies and, of course, the Jordans. In France, there are the Rothschilds. A family who was originally known for banking, they eventually put their money where their grapes were and became producers of some of France’s finest wines. In many ways, they remain one of the French’s most influential families: if the nursery rhyme talked of an investor, a banker, and a cabernet maker, the three men in the tub would have undoubtedly been Rothschilds.

Can Wine Help Or Harm You? Resveratrol And Procyanidins Are The Key

Wine is a fermented product of grapes which contains alcohol in the form of ethanol along with anti-oxidants such as polyphenols, anthocyanidins and resveratrol. Research shows resveratrol is more potent than Vitamin C as an antioxidant.

Homemade Wine Recipes – Discovering Exciting Possibilities With New Ingredients

Discover how you can create exciting possibilities and variations to your favorite recipes when you experiment with new and different ingredients. Homemade wine recipes have been around for several years. In fact, for hundreds of years, people have come up with different types of homemade wine recipes. Wine making techniques improved over the years, and many of the recipes have evolved along with the changes in the past.

Wine of the Month Clubs Members Enjoy Benefits

If you enjoy a good bottle of wine every now and then, but do not know what kind to buy or where to start, becoming a member of a wine of the month club may be your best option. Wine of the month clubs allow members to receive two or more expertly selected bottles of wine each month. Members do not themselves choose what wine they will receive, but rather receive a wide variety of different wines from a list of selections chosen by wine experts. This is a great way to taste a diverse array of wines.

Toast Your Cholesterol Goodbye With Red Wine

Red wine can reduce high cholesterol levels. It acts like a neutralizing agent against bad cholesterol.

Wine Food Pairing – Sturm, Austria’s Tasty “Juice”

Wine Food Pairing in a picturesque garden cafe in Austria……beware, that Sturm is not just a simple juice! I was in Austria a couple of years ago on a beautiful fall day…

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