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Where Can I Buy Wine – A Look at Wine Shopping

Wine shopping certainly has changed its landscape in Australia. Between big alcohol conglomerates and supermarket chains moving into the market to the rise and rise of cellar doors and new wine regions through to the introduction of online sales and various technological alternatives, wine lovers have a multitude of choices available. So what suits you best when looking at the choices available? The Buy Wine Online team have put their favourite picks together to answer the age old question- where can I buy wine?

Red Wines – Some of the Most Popular Varieties

Red wine is distinguished by the colour of its skin ranging form reddish, deep purple and even blue and its vinification process. The vinification process includes a variety of steps that include growing the grapes, harvesting the grapes, crushing and pressing the grapes, fermenting these juices, clarifying the liquid and finally bottling resulting with the wine.

Australian White Wines

Australia produces some fantastic white wines from Rieslings to Chardonnays. An Australian white can be distinguished by the colour in the glass, for example Rieslings are a lot paler than Chardonnays and colours vary from opulent golden yellow, orange almost to a very pale lemon yellow. The colour of the wine all depends on the region it comes from and the temperature cool or warm, and of course the grape from which it was made.

Homemade Wine Making – Manmade Science Or Nature?

Alcohol, yeast and carbon dioxide can come together in a magical combination to produce a splendid wine. Chemistry and nature infuse into a concoction old as man itself. Differing techniques and chemical reactions can change the taste and the color of the wine.

Santa Barbara Wine – Good Wine Along the California Coast

Most people forget that southern California has a wine country of its own. You hear about Napa and Sonoma all the time, so it’s easy to let the fact that Santa Barbara and Temecula have dozens of wineries there. The Temecula wine country is located east of Los Angeles and San Diego, while the Santa Barbara wine country is located north of both.

To Taste Fine Quality Ice Wine, Visit Niagara Wineries

Niagara in Ontario is a place that offers a wonderful experience to wine lovers as it has multiple things which one can indulge in the city, its wineries, winery restaurants and several beautiful places attract the visitors to throng the place particularly to taste the wide variety of ice wines. However, the best way to enjoy the beauty of the place and come across its rich culture is by joining one of the winery tours in Niagara that are specially organized to provide a perfect vacation experience to the visitors. Wine tours have become a source of fun and joy.

How Not to Make Wine at Home – Expensive Lessons in Home Winemaking

There are lots of articles out there that tell you how much fun it is, how rewarding, and how cost-effective it is to make wine at home. And it can be. If you don’t lose your head and make the same silly mistakes I did my first time. Here’s what NOT to do when making wine at home.

Drinking Wine – Main Health Benefits For All

Drinking wine has long been a point of controversy among health conscious people. Some say that drinking a glass of wine every day is healthy, others say that you should stay away from it at all costs. The truth is, there is something to be said for both sides.

Online Wine Sales – Marketing Wine on the Internet

Online wine sales started shortly before the end of the 90s and just like any business ventures, some merchants were successful while others sank and still a few manages to stay afloat. The business of marketing liqueur through the net is very sensitive information – wise. Why is this?

How to Buy Red Wine – Know the Basics of Choosing the Right Wine

Are you in need of a simplified way to buy red wine? Choosing the right vintage can sometimes be tricky what with all the wide variety available to choose from. Perhaps what you need is a simplified guideline to steer you in the right direction.

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