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Take a look at how your wine notes will improve with Wine Folly’s Wine Journal:

Can Alcohol Really Prevent Heart Attacks?

Years of research confirmed that moderate drinking reduces the risk of heart disease and certain other conditions. The science is overwhelming.

How to Fully Appreciate a Good Shiraz Or Syrah

The appreciation of a good wine is a multi-sensory experience. Wine appreciation involves the eyes, nose, and taste buds to get the full experience. It is important to allow a red wine to breathe properly before you pour it out to taste it.

Making Homemade Wine Using Kits

Making homemade wine utilizing kits is a cracking hobby. You can quite easily create great quality wine and in a relatively short period of time. You also require very little basic home wine making equipment to get started.

What is Your Favorite Wine and Other Annoying Questions

Recommendations are always difficult for me, because a wine’s taste is not quantifiable. Wine taste is the synergistic combination of tannins, acids, alcohol, and sugars as it flows across your palate. How you interpret the interplay of those 4 wine components determine whether it is good or not.

Winemaking Equipment – Here’s the Basics

Winemaking Equipment isn’t hard to find and is really very basic. To make homemade wine at home you really only need some very basic equipment. Below is a list of winemaking equipment that you’ll need to get started making your own homemade wine.

Danilo Oribe Wins the 2010 Legends of Bartending XII Championship

Legends of Bartending XII was held earlier this month to determine who is the greatest flair bartender around the globe. The sport was introduced to many Americans in ‘Cocktail’, the 1988 film starring Tom Cruise. However, this competition shows the sport has grown to be so much more.

How to Host a Fabulous Wine Party

One common trend is for all kinds of people to host wine parties. So, you’ve made the decision to hop on board. What do you need to do? How can you ensure a successful wine party?

Why a Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator is a Popular Purchase These Days

Wine has become so popular recently that many people have found the need to buy a dual zone wine refrigerator for their home. Since most families do not have enough space to install a full blown wine cellar, or the cash to pay for it, a refrigerator is the perfect way to store wine and keep it cold all at the same time.

Ordering Wine – Properly Ordering Wine in a Restaurant

How to order wines in a restaurant in not as difficult as you may think. Ordering wines in a restaurant can seem overwhelming the first time you are faced with the challenge.

Understanding French Wine

Even though French wine has been produced in more than a few regions throughout France, the quantity and quality produced vary largely. There are districts that produce at least 50 to 60 million hectoliters of wine each year. These are the areas that have at least 7-8 billion bottles of wine. Today, France is only the world’s second-largest vineyard area.

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