Wine Glossary Design with Madeline Puckette

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The design thinking behind the Wine Glossary poster –

Wine Cabinets – Essential Shopping Tips

We all know that aged wine tastes the best. However, it’s up to us to provide facilities which would help them age gracefully. Wine cabinets are ideal for storing wine for years together, without affecting their taste and flavor.

An Introduction of Pairing Wine With Food

Just like seasoning, wine adds an extra element of flavor which enhances your food. Sipping wine throughout your meal will allow your taste buds to appreciate your food even more because the wine breaks up the monotony of the meal.

Wine Cooler Refrigerators – 4 Reason to Invest in a Wine Cooling Unit

Convenience is often the trigger to invest in a wine cooling unit, however there are more important considerations to bear in mind. Discover the 4 key reasons you should have a wine cooler refrigerator to enhance your enjoyment and protect your investment.

How the Shape of the Glass Effects the Experience

Red Wine, White Wine, how do you know which glass to use? Like wine, wine glasses come in many varieties and choosing the right one is just as important as choosing the right wine. Each style of wine glass aids to enhance the flavor of the wine. Red wines are better enjoyed in a glass with a wider, larger bowl. White wines are better enjoyed in a thinner, smaller glass.

Five Wines to Drink Instead of Syrah

Syrah is responsible for a wide range of captivating wines from all over the world. The Northern Rhone valley in France produces some of the world’s best, especially in the areas of Cote Rotie and Saint Joseph, but another valley on the other side of the world, Barossa, in Australia (where the grape is known as Shiraz) also crafts beautiful wines.

Temperature to Serve White Wine

Temperature is crucial when looking for a true sense of a white wine’s body and flavor. Wine growers and producers recommend serving white wine at the correct temperature to ensure the best possible taste experience.

The Seasons of a Winery – Fall = Harvest

Wineries as an agricultural industry are tied in year round to the development and care of their vineyards. The same cycles that affect what activities need to happen in the vineyards also have a parallel tie-in to the activities that need to take place at the winery itself in its compliance system. Just as there are seasons in the vineyard, there are also “seasons” in a winery’s compliance system. With the arrival of Fall the wineries go into their busiest time of year as the grapes are harvested and the winemaking process begins. So too does the process begin for the compliance part of a wine’s life, and there are several compliance details that wineries must plan for from year to year as harvest approaches.

5 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Rose

Rose is the perfect wine choice in summer, but many folks are afraid to try it simply because it’s pink. In this article I’ll share with you five reasons Rose is an excellent beverage choice, both in summer and year round.

Oster Wine Opener – The Ease of Opening Your Wine Bottle

Have you ever just wanted to sit down and enjoy a good bottle of cold, refreshing, wine? If you are a wine drinker or even if you are not, then there is something that you are sure to enjoy. It is the Oster Wine Opener, boy will this little gadget come in handy for you.

Selecting a Great Wine to Suit Your Tastes

Deciding on an okay wine is simpler than you believe. You will find plenty of resources that could guide you towards excellent wines. Awards and accolades aside, the key factor is picking out a fine wine that’s within your private preferences.

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