Wine Folly’s Book! What’s in it? 🍷📚 A Review… (The Master Guide Magnum Edition)

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Where to buy Wine Folly’s books?

Looking into what is inside Wine Folly’s Master Guide to Wine and comparing it to the Essential Guide to wine (Wine Folly’s previous edition). The Magnum Edition of Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack’s latest wine education book.

From how to handle wine, the serving temperature, glassware, how to decant your vino, wine and food pairing, to wine geography and maps of all major wine countries, Wine Folly’s Magnum edition is beautiful designed and contains a wealth of information for those looking at learning about wine and increasing their beginner’s wine knowledge.
Comparing with the Essential guide to wine by the same authors, we discover the pros and cons of buying one of those books or the other…


Wine Tasting – Do You Have an Apprehension or Tension Moment When You Choose Wine?

A surefire way to lose you apprehension, ease the tension, fill the void, when it comes to the mysterious job of selecting wine. And a few descriptive notes to get you exploring.

Rating Wines is a Fun Hobby

Everyone has their own methods of rating wines. Wine rating is really objective and is not an exact science. It can a very fun hobby. For any novice, rating a wine can be daunting at first. The basic rule of thumb is either “I like it” or “I don’t like it”. Of course there are methods to determine whether you like it or not, but rating wines really comes down to this basic rule.

Terroir – What is It?

The important relationship between a wine and the location of its production is well established. But, how much does the wine’s place of production really tell you about the wine? Is it a guarantee quality? Do all the wines from the same location really have a lot in common? Can you really discern the characteristics of the land in the aroma and taste of a wine?

A British Themed Wine Basket is a Unique Gift

Here’s a great gift idea for someone who loves fine wine, gourmet food and good literature. Give them a British themed wine basket. You can include all the ingredients for an enjoyable evening at home in one package. Just combine a good bottle of wine with some cheese, crackers and a well loved book and you’re good to go.

California Central Coast Wine Value Review, Per Bacco Cellars 2007 Pinot Grigio

The California Central Coast has an amazing diversity of terroir. It is hot and dry in the inland areas, and cool and misty along the coast. The inland is home to robust reds, and the coast to more delicate whites. In this review we take a look at Per Bacco Cellars 2007 Pinot Grigio made from Pinot Grigio grapes grown in the cool coastal area.

Wine 101 – Wine & Chocolate

People drink wine with an array of different foods. Not only is it enjoyable on its own, it aids in highlighting the tastes of those foods. During a single meal, some people who really enjoy their wine might have a glass of one with an appetizer, a glass of another with the meal itself and a glass of another with dessert.

California – A Sunny Wonderland of Craft Breweries

When many people think about beer, they think only about the big macro brews that dominate the market. You know them because of the incessant television advertising they do, as well as the big displays and shelf space in just about any liquor store you happen to stroll into. And those beers certainly have their place.

Making Honey Wine – Mead – At Home

The Celtic tradition has always embraced mead in both ceremonial and festival use. Indeed, mead is just as Celtic as the Druids. It has been touted as the “drink of the gods” for centuries.

Wine 101 – Serving Wine

How wine is served affects the taste and the aroma of it, with appropriate serving conditions significantly enhancing its enjoyability. The temperature of the wine, opening of the bottle, wine glasses and pouring of the wine all contribute to the experience. In this part of the wine 101 series I’ll look at each of those factors individually.

Making Great Wine – It’s (Almost) All in the Yeast

The choice of yeast strains can often be the difference between an average wine and an award-winning wine. And by combining batches fermented with different strains, you can greatly improve the aroma and flavor profile of your wines.

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