Wine Folly: What is Wine? (Ep. 1)

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Learn about wine with Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly – – This episode covers the absolute basics of wine, with a few surprising fundamental secrets that even many wine lovers don’t know.


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To Decant Or Not to Decant?

Is there any point in decanting wines which are not the very best in our collection? Of course, regardless of the effort, preparation and patience that decanting connotes, it does make the wine taste better. Here is a simple experiment for you to decide if it is worth it.

Strange Times for Chateau Lafite

The decline in Lafite prices have lead to concerns that it has fallen out of favour with the Chinese and it is time for Lafite to make way for a new First Growth. Conversely the wine is so well known that counterfeit bottles are now in circulation, displaying huge demand and a timeless brand name.

Stainless Steel Wine Barrels – Guaranteed For Durability And Cost Effectiveness

Stainless steel wine barrels are preferred over conventional wooden barrels for wine storage, courtesy of the benefits of durability and cost effectiveness offered by them. The key to the quality of service offered by stainless barrels lies in the stability of their chemical and physical characteristics.

Features of 6 Bottle Wine Coolers

Compact 6 bottle wine coolers are ideal for those who drink wine occasionally or for people who lack space or the finances to invest in larger wine chillers. Compact size A 6 bottle cooler is about the same size as a microwave with dimensions of around 20″ in length, 15″ in width and 12″ in height. They are also lightweight and portable weighing around 20-40 lbs.

How To Taste Wine Properly

We’ve all seen it: the somewhat pompous-looking wine drinker who insists on first swirling his wine, then sticking his entire nose (and half his face) into the glass for a huge sniff before finally sipping and smacking his lips slightly. This is usually followed by a moment of staring off into space. This ritual has become synonymous with wine tasting. Many of us can easily mimic the ritual, especially in front of friends for an quick laugh, but few of us would actually perform the steps in a serious setting. Why?

Wine Accessories

Drinking wine and enjoying the wine as well without the help of these accessories is incomplete. Wine Accessories can be any kind of equipment that is either used in the storage of wine or service of wine. These may include items such as wineglasses, openers, decanters and collars.

Five Common Questions And Answers About Champagne

Champagne is a very simply a beverage, but people make it far too complex with needless mystique and ritual. Here are five very common questions I get on Champagne.

Great Wines For Thanksgiving

Some might think that selecting great wines for Thanksgiving is a huge challenge because there are so many different palates to try to please. However, while the host of a meal might try to provide a wide variety of food dishes to please everyone, it’s not hard to provide a variety or two of great wines that go perfectly with these types of meals.

Low-Calorie Mixed Drinks

This article is an inside look at how your favorite mixed drinks can be loaded with sugar and high in calories. We will take a brief look at what drinks to stay away from and which ones are ok. How to take your favorite drink, modify it a bit and leave out all that sugar and high calories.

West Australia Wine Trips – The Ultimate Spots to See

West Australia wine customs paints very distinctive pictures according to the location an individual comes to visit. The one of a kind attraction and general appeal of these destinations bring about tourism development as visitors from all over the world will be able to appreciate wines and other pursuits.

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