Wine Folly Tested: The Best Red Wine Glasses

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All about wine glasses! I tested the world’s top universal wine glasses. Get the Wine Folly glasses here:

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Easy Way to Store an Opened Bottle of Wine

There are a lot of ways to store an open bottle of wine. There are pumps to pull air out. There are sprays to pump nitrogen in – all to save a couple of glasses’ worth of wine for later consumption. My preferred method would be to drink it all. Just kidding.

TABC Certification – Voluntary, But Beneficial to the Career

TABC certification is a voluntary certification that servers, restaurant managers, and owners can get when working in the state of Texas. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission created this certification program for anyone who wants to prove their proficiency on the job.

A Beer Tap System Makes Your Brew Life Much Easier

This is your chance to have a beer tap system. You always hear about it or even think to have one of these but you decided not to buy this because it has no use. Your perception is wrong because having this system for storing and serving beer is very important.

Alcohol Training – Learning Responsible Sales and Service

Alcohol training isn’t required in very many states. Because most of the rules and regulations surrounding the service and sale of alcohol are common sense, many states don’t mandate training programs. Plus, when you have entry-level employees working in these careers with such a high turnover rate, training for the career can prove to be expensive and time consuming for many businesses.

White Wine and the Range of Grape Varieties

There are many different types of white wines out there suitable for different palates and of course different meals. This article takes a look at some of the more common grape varieties used to make white wine.

Red Wines – Light, Medium and Full Bodied Tipples

A look at the world of red wines and the various tipples enjoyed by millions all over the world. Specifically a focus on the classifications of body used within the trade.

Smart Tips For Drinking Low-Carb Alcohol

Alcohol is part of lifestyle in some countries. A lot of people like drinking it during any special occasion. Yet, alcohol contains some level of carbohydrate.

The Beer Keg Tap – A Simple Device That Brings Your Brew Right to You

The beer keg is mostly seen in parties or picnics especially with your family and friends. People who are really thirsty need a lot of drink so keg is really cost effective and could really save money. A Keg tap is a device that allows you to release the beer into your drinking cup from the keg.

Steps to Make When Building a Basement Wine Cellar

If you are into collecting vintage wines or just a lover of fine wines, it would be best to secure such investment. Take a look at your basement as it is probably the best place to serve as your wine cellar. But before embarking on this additional home feature, employ stress-free ways you can turn a plain basement into a threshold of wonderful wines.

Buy Great Wine For a Cheap Price

Drinking wine is becoming a rapidly growing past time for many Americans. For many years consuming wine was considered an expensive hobby. But fortunately all that has changed today with the growth in imports, the popularity of boxed wines, the many discount chains, the bumper crop of grapes and the poor economy have made drinking wine a cheap hobby. In this article I will give you some tips for finding good wine at a cheap price.

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