Wine Folly: Sweetness in Wine (Ep. 5)

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Series created by Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly

All-Time Favorite Italian Sparkling Wines

Sparklers tend to be the sleeper secrets of Italy. These wonderful liquids are turning into the fastest increasing segment in the Italian adult beverage business. When most persons imagine of Italian wine, they imagine from the lush, robust reds in the Tuscany or even the delicate whites of Piedmont. They do not commonly believe of gleaming wines, but they really should.

White Wines Intended for Amateur Wine Consumers

Most white wines are not developed equal. You’ll find large differences in taste amongst different types of wine. If you’ve just reached drinking age and desire to become a wine connoisseur, you need to discover the distinct kinds of white wines which means you can be a educated wine buyer.

Wine Barrel for Storing and Maturing Wine

A wine barrel is central on the storing and maturing processes of wine which are meant to provide a characteristic desirable flavor for the wine. This especially applies to additional costly wines that are generally made to obtain good quality as they’re permitted to age. Traditionally, timber is used for doing wine barrels and specifically popular for producing wine barrels is Oak which makes it possible for the wine to incorporate Oak overtones. A solid wood wine barrel also permits a little evaporation of the wine contents from the aging period.

A Number of Aspects to Take Into Account When Building Your Personal Wine Cellar

Some men and women may possibly believe that a wine cellar is an extravagance that only the really rich can afford but nothing might be farther from your truth! Amateur wine enthusiasts are now developing their personal private cellar that’s absolutely nothing like what you may imagine inside a luxury house or upscale restaurant.

Wine Bar and Types Of Wine

You might have probably heard of a normal bar before, a place that you simply can go to obtain drinks of your decision, but have you ever heard of the wine bar ahead of? A wine bar is basically the exact same thing, with the only difference being that instead of choosing from numerous diverse drinks you’ll be able to opt for from various forms of wine.

Beer Keg Facts

I am an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball fan. I know that this year is not the best for my team, but I follow them anyway. During last night’s pre-game show, Todd Walsh, the show’s emcee, did a tour of the beer keg factory across the street from the ballpark. In just a few minutes, I learned a lot about draft beer and beer kegs that I wanted to share with you.

Making Homemade Wine From Fruits and Berries

Harvest time and you have an excess amount of fruit or berries. A great way to use this bountiful harvest could be to turn it into delicious homemade wine. This is a lot easier and more common than you think.

The Beer Brew

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to man. Beer is thought to be around since 9000 B.C and the oldest written records of beer were found in Iran and date back to 3500 B.C. Beer is one of most popular and most consumed drink after water and tea. Beer is now one of the most widely drunk beverages around the world. Beer is used as a beverage in several occasions like parties, social gatherings or a meeting between two persons.

Is Alcohol Really That Bad For You?

Every human being naturally produces some alcohol; in fact if no alcohol was produced by our body we would die. So why is it that in the mass media we constantly hear about how bad alcohol is for us? If we look at some of the research, we find that doctors actually recommend that we drink a glass of wine every day.

Wine Coolers For a Quality Wine Experience!

Wine Coolers are a great investment if you really appreciate the wine you drink and serve. They store your wine at the optimal drinking temperature, keep them out of direct sunlight which will preserve the taste and quality, and keep your favorite selection of bottles on hand and ready to serve at a moment’s notice!

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