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Bordeaux 2009 – Is it a Vintage to Watch?

It was only a few weeks ago that the world’s wine buyers and connoisseurs gathered in the heart-land of French wine, Bordeaux, to sample what last season had in store. Mixed verdicts are in, and it looks like 2009 could be a very special year indeed for Bordeaux, but it might also be too early to tell. This article looks at some of the ups and downs of tasting a recent Bordeaux, and why it’s a bit risky to give it the full thumbs up well before its had a chance to age.

Wines of Provence

Wine in Provence is renowned as being part of both Provencal history and trade. Provence produces almost half of the French rose and is generally well known for this however, red and white wines from Provence are consistently improving and some of them can now compete with the best in France. There are three main areas which all produce different types of wine in Provence.

Finest Wine in the World

Though the wine tastes good, we still expect more taste out of it. We have plenty of manufacturers of wine all across the world, but only some wine meets the required standards and quality. This article explains you about some good information on wine manufacturing in Portugal.

Knowing the Different Wine Types

Ever wondered what sets the red wine apart from white wines? If you are interested to become a win expert or just a simple liquor enthusiast, it would help you appreciate it more if you know the various wine types. Different Kinds of Wine The red wine is one of the most popular wine types in the market.

A Beginner’s Wine Guide – What is Best For Your Romantic Dinner?

It does not matter whether you are having a dinner at a restaurant with a special friend or with your family. A wine can turn even the simplest occasion into a very special wine. However, if you do not make the right choice, that sumptuous meal can turn your palate into a disaster.

5 Quick Tips For Understanding Wine

The world of wine can be a complicated one. There are so many grapes, regions, and vintners. Keeping it all straight can seem daunting. Perhaps that’s why so many of us settle for drinking wine without really appreciating it.

Red Wines – How Cold is Cold Or is My Tongue Numb Yet?

Let us talk about a pet peeve of mine. A first time drinker, or an inexperienced wine drinker, says to a friend who knows wines, “hey, I like to drink my red wine cold, is that okay?” The cool and savvy friend responds, “hey you know what, don’t listen to those phony wine experts – it’s your wine, man, you’re the one drinking, drink it any way you want.

A Guide to Wine Tasting

Despite the fact that countless just figure that wine tasting is sampling, swishing, and then swallowing, nearly everyone is astonished to discover that it is really a lot more. Wine tasting is much more of an art, a skill utilized to differentiate the flavour of first-class wines.

The Most Painless Way to Sample the Wine You Just Ordered at a Restaurant – Without Looking Foolish

Let us assume you have ordered the wine and it is brought to the table. There is this ceremony about sampling the wine. It is like a kabuki theatre that borders on the ridiculous.

Look Great Ordering Wines at a Fine Restaurant Or Steakhouse

So, there you are – sitting at that fine restaurant, surrounded in dark mahogany and leather, your loving significant other looking at you adoringly; and a 25lb book of wines sitting in front of you. “So, honey – what wine should we have with our dinner?” 12,238 different red wines from 892 countries broken down into 3,348 different categories, and no, you are not intimidated. Of course not, you read this article first.

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