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See inside the book –learn how to use the book to find great wines, and to pair the wines with food.

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Beer Brewing Ingredients – Should We Feel Bitter If There Are No Hops Found in Our Beer?

Aside from malted barley and brewer’s yeast, the key ingredient to which beer is given its distinctive taste and aroma is hops. Hops are flower clusters of the female genus of the climbing hop vine plants belonging to the Cannabaceae family which also includes cannabis. Though not as potent and illegal, these hop cones are primarily used as a flavoring and stabilizing element when added to beer, though are also known to be used in various other beverages and herbal medicines relating to anxiety and insomnia because of their relaxing properties.

Beer Brewing Ingredients – Does Barley Display More Qualities of Being a Surreal Crop?

When it comes to brewing beer as we all commonly know it, there are three major ingredients required to complete the process. Hops are used as a flavoring aspect, yeast is added to convert the fermentable sugars into alcohol, but barley is the key ingredient from which the sugars are obtained. As the fourth largest produced cereal grain crop in the world, barley predominantly serves its purpose as a major animal feed, but it is often used in foods of a healthy nutritional value, and is also the root ingredient in the manufacture of beer.

Hand Blown Artistic Wine Bottles

Introducing new trends in the area of artistic and decorative hand blown wine bottles from Europe. These exceptional hand blown artistic wine bottles and special ornamental glasses filled with wine.

Getting the Most From Your Wine Tasting Experience

So you’ve decided to get some friends together and go wine tasting. Other than a great day out with friends, what are you hoping to get from tasting? After more than a thousand wine tours, and spending months on the other side of the bar pouring wine, I’ve learned that tasters appreciate knowing the “do’s and don’ts” of wine tasting. Here at the top five tips for having a better wine tasting experience.

Do (Wine) Supertasters Exist?

Some people seem to possess extraordinary abilities in smelling and tasting the multitude of aromas and flavors in wine; they are often referred to as “expert tasters” or “supertasters” because they are ostensibly endowed with an extremely discerning nose and palate. But are they born supertasters or do they acquire these special skills in their development years? Here we look to science to help us sniff out the facts on wine tasting skills.

The Principle Reason Red Wine is Recommended by Medical Doctors

Even though all the elements present in wine play an integral roll in the beneficial factors of wine, but the single most beneficial agent present in red wine that contributes more to health in your body than perhaps any other substance is polyphenol. Micronutrients of wine are principally composed of minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium) and polyphenolic substances.

When to Drink Red Wines

The whole area of wine drinking seems to cause many people a fair amount of confusion. I’ve had people asking me whether it’s acceptable to drink particular wines with certain dishes.

What Makes a Good Bar

Ask any publican, hotelier or bar owner as to what makes a good bar, you will probably get the same answer: “One that makes money.” However, if you ask a customer what makes for a good bar you will get a myriad of different answers, and as a good bar attracts customers its important to know what they want.

A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Goblets

A wine goblet can be an exquisite gift at times. They are simple, stylish and inexpensive.

Learn About the Wines That Can Be Served With Italian Dishes

Wine in Italian cuisine, as though, in any other cuisine of the world, plays a significant role. We can say that in Italy they drink wine, not less than in France. The main wine producing areas are located below the 45 parallels – in the most favorable areas for the cultivation of grapes. And it is really growing very densely and intensively, giving people amazing taste and a thick aroma of these countries.

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