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This Wine Aficionada’s Guide to Loving Wine – Part I – My First Descriptive Words

I have a passion for wines, and have learned much about them. Yet I will always remember, fondly, how I became confident with my first descriptive words.

1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die

Upon waking up in with a pulsating pain next to my brain after a long Vegas night, I found myself stumbling on a book in the gift shop at Hard Rock Hotel. The book is titled “1001 Beer You Must Taste Before You Die”. Obviously the title alone intrigued my spidey senses in wanting another fine alcoholic beverage. After further review, I found this book to be a must buy for the beer connoisseur.

Interesting Gimmicks for Beer

Beer gimmicks don’t make the beer taste any better. But, they sure do give us something to talk about.

Five Wines to Drink Instead of Chardonnay

Everybody knows Chardonnay. Whether as the lean, citrus classics of Chablis, the rich dimensional sensations of Burgundy, the full, fruity wonders of the New World or even as the grape of Blanc de Blancs Champagne, you know Chardonnay – it is ubiquitous. Chardonnay is grown around the world and produces a wide diversity of aromas and flavors depending on the place of origin and whether or not the winemaker chooses to add oak.

Home Wine Making – Is it Legal?

The benefits of home wine making are plenty. It makes a great hobby, it can be fun to make something with your own hands that you can consume, you can make wines to suit your taste and best of all, the wine you make will be less expensive than buying from a store or wine shop.

Promotional Koozies at the Best Price

Koozies are one of the best ways to promote your organization, company, team or group. Also it can be used as a fun way to celebrate a cool event like a picnic, family reunion birthday party, wedding or a major holiday.

Languedoc – Roussillon Serves Up Amazing Value For Money

A look at why this often overlooked region can offer some excellent value for money wines. Discover some hidden gems from the South of France.

Tasty Low-Cost Wine is an Adventure to Discover

A bottle of wine having a hefty cost tag does not generally guarantee that it’s going to slide down your throat like silk the way a good wine must. A inexpensive wine may be really tasty but simply because the industry is glutted with bargain wines, you may have to drink a great deal of them prior to you come across those precious gems which are uncomplicated on the pocketbook. Due to the fact excellent wine doesn’t necessarily mean high-priced, do you’ve any ideas on how to locate a quality inexpensive wine that would suit your palate?

Why Wine Racks Are Ideal to Have

Wine racks have been something almost anyone, most especially wine enthusiasts, wants to buy and have in their homes. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes making them effortless to assemble and install. They help keep wine fresh and, even though you’re not a wine lover, you’ll certainly realize how valuable wine racks are as additions in your own home. They do not only add value to your dwelling but character as well.

Napa Valley Wine Tours For Everlasting Memories

Napa valley wine tours are recognized all over the world among all wine lovers and non wine lovers. It is one of the most popular trips for holiday making all over the world. Its wineries and wines have grabbed its attention in minds of every visitor and non visitors too.

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